Friday, January 8, 2010

Just like Daddy

A baby who drools like no one's business
A bag of Daddy's old shirts
Super cool baby bibs

Now Wesley can be just like Daddy

I used Aaron's t-shirts

button down shirts

and even a pair of Aaron's shorts and my old velour pants for the backing on a few.

Totally cute and totally free!


  1. SOOO COOL!! I'll definitely be featuring soon!

  2. Fab idea! My daughter can reek some serious havoc with a sippy cup so I am going to whip some of these up for her using some of my old stuff. Can't wait. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is so cute! I found you on twitter and this is literally one of the cutest ideas I have seen in awhile! YAY for re-using stuff we already have!

    Sidenote: I am having a MckLinky party on my blog and I would love to have you enter. Just pick your best crafty post from 2009 and head on over to

    (you could also link this one up as mcklinky is actually going to be one of my crafty inspirations for next year and these would be fun to make. he he)

    Anne Craft Blog =)

  4. great idea! i'll have to hop on this project soon. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is awesome! I love cute baby boy ideas.

  6. omg - i have a whole bag of shirts ready for goodwill! i'll have to re-think that one:) great idea!

  7. so im not that bright and just getting into you have a tutorial on making bibs? or can you just tell me what to put on the back, and if there is anything in the middle between the two pieces of fabric?

  8. So cute! Would love a quick tutorial!

  9. OMG totally love that idea. How cute that your babe gets to wear YOUR BABE'S shirts. Fun!

  10. Hey, that's awesome. I love reusing parents' old things for kids. Or at least I like the idea of it. I guess I haven't done it very much yet. BUT--you might laugh at this-- I recently recovered my old dirty Rainbow Brite pony for my toddler.

    I love that you left the buttons on some of the shirts.

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