Monday, March 2, 2015


These pictures pretty much sum up my life right now.
It's spent...
constantly multitasking.
This day it was pinning towels and tasting the kids play dough creations. 
Trying to capture peaceful moments like this and being intentional to notice and soak up the beauty that is around me. Sometimes it's right in front of my face and sometimes I have to search hard for it.
This bunch. 
loud, crazy, silly, energetic, fun
And me. Exhausted at the end of each day.
Getting out of town. 
Going on adventures and being in nature
and breathing fresh air and escaping the busyness
puppy hood. 
It is no joke people.
I want to kill her about 5 million times a day. 
If I had emojis on here this one would just have lots of hearts. 

Here's a peek at some other moments from the past couple of weeks. 
 parks, hikes, birthday celebrations, early mornings, crazy boys, 60 valentines 
 Thai food, bike riding, Moms in Prayer brunch, date night, painting, baseball practice, mini mama
hooded towels, boutiques, beach shenanigans, 7 going on a teenager, date days

I'm just one big hot mess most days constantly amazed at how much I need Jesus and even more amazed at how much He delights in me in spite of it all. 

If you had to sum up your life right now in one word what would it be? 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Our monster van (Nissan NV)

We got a new car. 
Well if you can even call it that. 
It might better be labeled "beast" or "monster van" as my kids like to call it. 
If you have been following me for a couple years you will know that we have been eyeing the Nissan NV for a long time.
It is an awesome 12 passenger van. 
Yes you hear me right, it can hold twelve people!  

Last week we finally traded in our RAM truck and our minivan and got this bad boy. 

You guys, I didn't even test drive it.
I am a really bad driver. 
Well mostly parker. 
The thought of driving this thing freaked me out. 
And the thought of parking this thing freaked me out even more. 
But after thinking about our options and trying out different things we realized that the best car solution for our family was for us to get an all electric car that my hubby would drive to work (he got the Nissan Leaf a couple months ago) and for us to get the NV as our family car. 
And once I knew that this is what we should do I didn't care how hard it would be for me to get used to I was determined to make it work.

And praise Jesus I LOVE it! 
love. love. love. it
I wish we would have gotten it months ago. 

It is super easy to drive (even for me which is saying a lot). 
It is super comfy and spacious. 
We actually have room to take other people places with us and we have room for all of our stuff (on road trips, etc.). 
I've been parking in easy parking spots (i.e. back of parking lots, next to handicap spots) because I'm still getting used to parking it but I'm getting better and better.

Ok, ready for a little tour. 
This is the car with all 12 seats in. 
There are two rows of 3 and the back row holds 4. 
Crazy, right?!
Since the trunk is pretty small with all 12 seats in and we rarely will need to take 12 people, we switched it up a bit. 
We took all 4 seats in the back out and moved the two rows of 3 further apart so that everyone has a ton of leg room (our kids can almost stretch out their whole legs and not touch the seat in front of them). 
This also gave us a TON of room in the trunk (pic below). 
We put the girls in the front row, and the boys in the back row. 
Here's the trunk. 
Plenty of room for our stroller, box filled with sweatshirts, extra clothes for the kids in case of an accident, Ergo, diapers, etc., a quilt and a box with jumper cables/car stuff. 
The doors also detach and swing all the way open (around the sides of the car).
Plus lots of extra room. 
The front is super roomy too. 
This giant center console is one of my favorite parts. It can hold files, etc. but I organized all of our stuff into little tubs and have them stacked in there. There are also a ton of cup holders, seat warmers, and other goodies like 120V outlets to charge your laptop and more. 
One of the other huge reasons we got the NV was that it can tow a lot of weight. 
We have a tent trailer that we take on camping trips multiple times a year and needed something to tow it and more (one day we would love to get a bigger trailer).
We are so thankful to have found a car that works well for us and that we love! Oh and we saved hundreds of dollars a month by consolidating to one vehicle.
Now we just need a few more kids to fill it up with. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dating my boy

When Mackenzie was little we started dating our kids
Every few weeks (sometimes more, sometimes less) Aaron or I take one of the kids out on a Mommy or Daddy date. 
Just us and one kid. 
one. kid. 
It's so good to be able to have them all to myself. 
To hear everything they have to say, to go slow (or fast...oh the things you can do with only one kid), to soak them all up and enjoy every last bit of them.

This year Wesley and I have been spoiled because every Thursday we have 2 whole hours all by ourselves while Mackenzie is still in school and my mom has the littles at her Bible Study.
It has been so much fun to hang out with my biggest little man every week. 
Every Thursday he runs out of his class with a giddy smile to ask what I have planned for the day.

Usually we go out to lunch 

or I pack us a lunch and we go out for dessert. 

Sometimes we go on a bike ride to the park (or fav). 

I don't think Wesley stops talking the entire time. 
He has a lot of say and I love hearing all of it.

Sometimes we will run an errand together (you guys I forgot how easy it is to have one kid. Especially one who can walk, and buckle and unbuckle themselves and obey instructions...well most of the time). 
The one thing I have learned is that it does not matter what we do, he thinks it is the best day ever because we are together.
Just the two of us.
It's one of my favorite parts of the week too. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cliffs Notes version

Hey strangers!
I've been meaning to get back here for a long time.
It just seemed like so much has happened and I didn't have the energy to write a looooong boring recap post.
So I'm just going to stick with a cliffs notes version.
Here's goes...

1. Kenzie turned 7.
seriously how do I have a s.e.v.e.n. year old?!
Don't tell her I still haven't done her birthday blog post yet, ok?

2. We bought a cabin!

in Big Bear (our local mountains!).
It's so magical there (especially in the snow).
We rent it out on airbnb if you ever want to come for a stay. 

3. White Collar

Our new favorite show. If you are looking for a new series to start, it's available on Netflix.

4. I've been painting in my free time. I forgot how much I love it. 

5. I got the best Christmas present ever!
(oh I also got bangs)

 Me and my Madson bike are BFFs. 

6.  I really really want to read the Bible all the way through this year and I'm super excited about my new journaling Bible.

7. Our best friends are moving to New Zealand in just a few days. It's been so hard to try to say goodbye but we are so excited for what God has for them there.

8. This is my life. Trying to sew (or fill in the blank) while 2-3 other things at the same time. Today it was pinning and play dough tasting. Motherhood=multitasking 

9. Aaron and I got to go to Hawaii (kidless!) to celebrate our 10 year anniversary which meant sleeping in, uninteruppted conversations, enjoying water without worrying about anyone drowning and hiking without anyone complaining they were tired. But we totally missed the kids. 

10. We got a puppy!
Her name is Roxy and she's an Australian Shepherd.
I love her and I hate her at the same time.
Just kidding I love her, but puppy training is no joke people. 

10. I miss you all! And this little blog. Hopefully I'll be blogging more than once every 5 months.
See you again soon! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Maddie and her friend

You guys. 
Madelyn is obsessed with the pretend people at Old Navy. 
And every other store.

Aaron is kind of embarrassed by it but I think it's hilarious. 

I have to practically peel her off of them when we are ready to leave

What can I say? 
She is just a lover. 
Even to pretend people. 

Happy Tuesday friends! 

Hope you have something silly to put a smile on your face today. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Yosemite 2014

Yosemite is our family's spot. 
I think I would go as far as saying that it is my favorite place in the world. 
There's just something so magical about it. 
The trees, the stone, the animals, the streams and fresh mountain air. 
It's definitely God's territory.

This year we decided to visit Big Sur before we headed to Yosemite. 
We made it all the way to San Louis Obispo by breakfast time.
Aaron and I are big fans of leaving early. 
Like really really early (think 2:45 am). 

We decided to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium on our way up to Big Sur as well. 
It was amazing!

Our favorite exhibit was definitely the jelly fish. 
I never knew there were so many different varieties and all of them were so interesting and beautiful. 
What a cool Creator God is! 
He sure came up with a lot of interesting animals.

Monterey seemed to be a really neat town. 
I wish we had more time to explore there (I did get some tasty clam chowder though!)

We met two of our close family friends in Big Sur. 
Those redwood trees are awesome. 

These two. 
I can't even handle it. 
I'm pretty sure we will show this at their wedding slideshow one day. 

Little cuties on a big tree. 

After a couple days in Big Sur we headed to Yosemite.

I think this was one of our best trips yet. 
We spent lots of time in the river, 

riding bikes, 

and going on hikes.

The kids claimed this area as their island and spent hours imagining and exploring there

We visited the nature center and learned all about animal poo (among other things)

picture perfect

Oh and we saw a bear!!! 
Like rode right by him on our bikes.

our gigantic biker gang of bikes

Our happy place

Hasta Luego Yosemite! 
See you next year!