Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hello fall

It may not feel or look like fall around here 
but at least it smells like it. 

Thank you Yankee for making the best smelling candle ever. 

And just to put a smile on your face 
I give you Hulk.

Wesley cashed in some of his money to buy this Hulk costume and hasn't taken it off yet. 

I figure you can only get away with walking around in a costume in public for so long so he might as well enjoy it. Plus it means less laundry for me so its a win win. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Life is just plain crazy.

This picture is a pretty accurate snapshot of life right now. 
The kids are putting on a show for us (which happens a few hundred times a day).
It's loud, crazy and fun. 
That is life right now. 
loud. crazy. fun.
and busy

so so so so so so so busy!  
I pretty much live by my calendar (my husband keeps trying to convince me to go digital but I just can't do it) and I always feel like I'm forgetting something. 
We are still getting into the swing of new routines around here. 

Part of the busyness has been boutique season.
 I'm doing 3 boutiques in October/November which I'm really really excited about. 

Aaron is helping me build a new display (yay!) so I have been sanding and staining like a madwoman. 

And sewing and sewing and sewing. 
And sewing some more. 
This year I'm only selling hooded towels. 
I think it's going to be so much easier and better to stick with just one thing.
So if you need a hooded towel hit me up. 
I'll be at the Sugar Plum Festivals in Costa Mesa at the OC Fairgrounds in October and November and then at the Gifts and Goodies Boutique in Mission Viejo in late November.

And to get me through all that sewing I came up with the most delicious evening treat.
Cut a banana (or 4) into slices, top with a spoonful of cookie butter, dip in melted chocolate and then pop into the freezer until frozen. 
Oh. my. goodness. 
Just try them for yourself. 

And to add to the craziness/fun soccer season started. 
Kenzie has 4 friends on her team so she is having so much fun with them and of course scoring a million goals

 and Wes started his first year of soccer. 
He is soooooooo excited to finally be able to play. 
And for the record I am totally that soccer mom.
And my mom is me on steroids.
She's the one screaming "Steal the ball! Take it away! Kick it hard!" 
You get the picture.

The other day the kids were trying to convince me they could just drive themselves to school to drop Kenzie off. 
They just could not understand why I said no. 

Hudson turned 6 months! 
This picture cracks me up. 
It's me trying to take Hudson's 6 month pic with Maddie on top of me. I call Maddie and Wes flying squirrels. They are always jumping or climbing on me and Aaron. 
I'll post the pics I took probably sometime before Hudson is 1. 

This picture makes me smile too. 
I'm so blessed. 

Another great snapshot of life right now.  

This boy is in dress up 80% of the day. 

Hudson wearing Wesley's big boy undies. 
So silly.

She is the best, easiest, cutest 2 year old ever. 
Just pure joy and sunshine.

 He loves his jumper. 
Praise the Lord. 

And she loves Kindergarten. 
Like really really loves it.
She comes home every day saying, "Today was the best day ever."

What's life look like for you right now?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dave and Amy's Wedding

My cousins are cool.
The coolest actually. 
There are 8 of us on my dad's side and we were all born within 5 years of each other. 
Which makes us way more like brothers and sisters and less like cousins. 

This weekend my cousin Dave married a super adorable girl named Amy. 
Which means we had a good excuse for everyone come back home and throw lots of parties.

And we like parties. 

It was so good to have our whole family together again! 

especially all of us cousins (well almost all of them here)

Sunday was the actual wedding.
The wedding was beautiful!
I loved all the orange and shades of blue. 

The whole Osborne clan. 

Mackenzie cracks me up. 
She LOVED the wedding. 
She followed Amy around pretty much the whole night and watched with googly eyes as they did the first dance, cut the know all the typical wedding stuff. 
I'm pretty sure she is already planning her wedding one day (a long long ways off). 

All weekend we were trying to get a complete cousin picture (but kept missing at least one person) and the one that I finally got turned out so overexposed. Oh well! At least we are all in there. 

This little guy is losing that baby look and turning into a real boy.
I can't believe he's almost 6 months!  

Mackenzie and the bride. 
Amy looked so gorgeous! 

We are a suckers for a photo booth. 

I think we have at least 10 strips of pictures. 
No joke. 

Amy and Dave we are so excited for you guys and pray God's blessings on your marriage! 
Come back home soon so we can throw more parties :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How did this happen!?

Yesterday Mackenzie started Kindergarten. 
You would think I was sending her off to college or something. 
I was so dreading this day. 
Dreading the beginning of the end of these little years. 

But she loved it. LOVED it!
And I didn't cry (praise the Lord) but I did count down the hours until she was home again. 
The other kiddos were pretty lost with their leader (boss) gone for half the day. 
The dynamics of our house were just off but I'm sure they (we) will get used to it soon. 

Oh and I left the kindergarten parent meeting as Room Mom! 
I still have no idea what that means but I'm excited to be a big part of whatever is going on in her class and at her school. 
Because this is where God has us for now and this is our mission field. 
I'm praying that 2013/14 would be a great year filled with lots of fun and learning and most importantly that the Lord would use us to be salt and light to those around us!

Have your kids started school yet?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Change of plans

This year our annual trip to Yosemite went a little (or a lot) different than planned. 
Our camping adventure turned into a 1, 190 mile road trip extravaganza.
The picture on the left was from Thursday afternoon when we arrived in Yosemite. 
It was clear and absolutely beautiful!
And the picture on the right was us leaving Yosemite on Saturday :( Boo hoo hoo!
The smoke rolled in Friday evening and it was so bad by Saturday morning you could barely breathe. 
Needless to say we all packed up camp and got out of there. 

Thankfully we went with friends who like to adventure because we rolled with the punches, got a hotel in San Jose (yay for showers) and turned the second half of our vacation into a trip to San Fransisco and a visit to the Butano State park.

It was definitely a trip for the memory books!
I can't wait to show you all the pictures once I get them all on the computer. 
How was your Labor Day weekend?