Friday, October 28, 2011

Fridy Randoms

We are moving tomorrow!!!
It's been c.r.a.z.y. trying to pack and move in less than 2 weeks but we have almost made it to the finish line.
Here's a peek at our week through the lens of my camera phone.
(My cool hipstamatic app decided to play games with me so most of the pics are from the boring ol' camera app on my phone this week).

I've almost finished our Family Rules sign for the new house.
I can't wait to show it to you!

Attack of Wesley!

Why are little girl clothes are so irresistible?

Major throw up situation in Target.
Part of the really hard day.

Made a couple meals for some friends in need

Wesley decided it would be fun to rub peanut butter all over his eyes, eyelashes, etc.
(Not sure why he thought that would be a good idea?)

I love how they love each other so much.
They are never apart.

We got the keys on Wednesday and started taking things over to the new place!

And packing and unpacking like crazy.
Which reminded me that I have way too much stuff and that
i. never. want. to. move. again.

And I did a little or a lot more spray painting.
Which, by the way, I think I am addicted to.

How was your week?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

What I Wore

Yesterday I moved all of my clothes over to the new house
which made me realize...
I have clothes that I don't wear but should
and so many clothes that I wear but need to get rid of (because Forever 21 clothes we not made to last more than one season if you know what I mean).
Once we are officially moved I plan to clean out the ol' closet and take a fresh look at things.
Maybe even put together some more creative/daring outfits.
And work on a couple clothing recycles that I have had on the to do list for much too long.
Oh and switch to these awesome hangers.

In the meantime here are my outfits from the week.

top- gift from friend
skinnies- Target
boots- Cathy Jean

tee- Old Navy
jeans- Express
cardigan- Target
sandals- Target

top- Old Navy
jeans- Target
boots- Cathy Jean

shirt dress- Macy's
leggings- Forever 21
boots- Cathy Jean

tee- Old Navy
jeans- Levis
cardigan- Macy's
scarf- made by me :)
flats- Payless

top- Forever 21
jeans- Levis
necklace- vintage

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A rough day

I've had a rough couple of days.
Let me give you a recent snap shot of my life.

Saturday-ran a zillion errands to get stuff for the new house, randomly broke out in head to toe hives. Itchy, itchy hives.
Sunday- taught Sunday school at church in the morning, spray painted 2 chairs, then hosted 20 people for Community group at our house that night. Me and Madelyn came down with a cold.
Monday- went grocery shopping and packed during the day, hosted Bunco at our house at night
today- took the dog to the groomers, more packing, more errands

Needless to say we have been busy.
And with the move this Saturday I have felt extra stressed.
I'd like to say I have been handling the craziness with perfect ease and calmness but that would be a big fat lie.
Just ask my kids.

Today we were driving home from Target when this conversation took place.
Mackenzie: "Mommy, are you having a rough day?"
Me: "Yeah Baby, Mommy is having a hard day. But you know what. Just because Mommy is having a hard day does not mean it's ok to have a bad attitude. I'm sorry for being so frustrated and impatient with you guys. It's not ok to act like that and I'm sorry.
Mackenzie: It's ok Mommy, I forgive you.
Wesley: I love you Mommy.
(Mackenzie saying something about me being frustrated and how it's not good to get frustrated with little kids).
Me: I love you guys. Has Mommy not been a very nice Mommy today?
Mackenzie: Hey Mom! (getting really excited) I know what you have been like. You have been like the Mom in Cinderella!

Me: Oh Man. I hope not!

All of us start laughing :)

The past couple days I have had multiple "I can't do this!" moments.
Just today I had a few...
-Taking 2 toddlers and a baby and a dog in and out of the groomers. in the rain.
-Carrying a crying baby and a broom while pushing the other 2 kids in a full shopping cart that I can barely maneuver through Walmart.
-Trying to make dinner for the kids, give the baby a bath and clean throw up out of a car seat all without the hubby.

Anyways, in the midst of these moments the Lord has given me some clarity.
He gently reminded me that
I absolutely cannot do it on my own.
I can't be a good Mom
or a loving wife
or a loyal friend
without Jesus.
And praise the Lord I don't have to!
I am so thankful for a Heavenly Father who is so loving, forgiving, and patient for His Son Jesus who paid the penalty for my sin and for the Holy Spirit that dwells in me, helping me and making me more like Jesus.

Monday, October 24, 2011

A cozy scarf

this crocheted hook

+ this chunky yarn

= this piece of cozy fall happiness.

I love scarfs.
and crocheting.

and fall.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Randoms

Just another crazy busy week.
I think I should have done some...maybe a lot of packing but instead I...

scored an awesome desk off Craigslist and painted it aqua.

went to the pumpkin patch with the hubby and kids,

went to a birthday party,

and on a bike ride.

bought some groceries

and spotted Kenzie's art work on display.

cleaned up many messes
(the boy decided to give himself a bath. on his own. with soap. lots of soap. and no water.)

went on a trail hike with my parents

did a little dress up

and started a project I have had on my to do list for months.

How was your week?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pirate Izzy Costume Tutorial (from Jake and the Never Land Pirates)

Every pirate needs a best buddy.
Izzy is Jake's best buddy on my kids favorite TV show Jake and the Never Land Pirates.

They work together to find treasures and gold doubloons and to fight off Captain Hook.
They are pretty much inseparable just like Mackenzie and Wesley.
Once Wesley decided to be Jake from Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Mackenzie just had to be Izzy.
Here's a peek at how we made her costume complete with Izzy's special pixie dust carrier.

My Pirate Izzy

the basics-
purple leggings- Walmart $3.50
pink bandanna- Goodwill $1.00
pink pirate shirt- Goodwill $1.00
brown boots- Target

And of course Izzy needs her special pixie dust that Tinkerbell gave her...
just in case of an emergency!

Here's a quick tutorial for the pixie dust holder.
It's super easy.

-yellow felt
-piece of leather string or yarn
-clear hair tie or rubber band

Step 1-
Cut a square out of some yellow felt and place a small amount of rice in the center.

Step 2-
Gather the felt around the rice.

Step 3-
Secure with a clear hair tie.

Step 4-
Wrap the leather string around the felt pouch and tie to secure.
Then measure the correct length to fit around your child's neck and tie a knot at the end to secure.

Ta da!
The perfect pixie dust holder.

Now grab your pirate buddy and get ready to find some treasure.
Yo Ho Ho!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates Costume Tutorial

"Oh Coconuts!"
I hear you have a problem.
Your little one wants to be, no has to be, Jake from the Disney show Jake and the Neverland Pirates for Halloween.
You go to all the costume stores and soon realize they don't make that costume.
Don't panic.
Here's a simple tutorial to make your little man into a pirate in no time.

And not just any pirate...
Jake the Neverland Pirate.

The goods-
white shirt: Children's resale shop $1
red bandanna: already had (but I think you can buy them at Michaels)
blue pants: garage sale $0.50
black (adult) t-shirt- my dad's
brown boots- his sister's old boots (from Target)

Step 1-
Cut off the sleeves of your shirt (if it is long sleeved) and cut some slits to make it look old

Also cut a "v" shape out of the collar.
Then I used some black embroidery floss to stitch it up in a criss cross pattern

Step 2-
Cut the bottom off an old black t shirt and then cut it to make one long strip. I used this to tie around his waist.

Step 3:
Dana from MADE has an awesome vest tutorial that I used for the base of Jake's vest then I just added the collar, some trim and buttons and voila...
the perfect Jake vest!

Ta da!
Put it on your little Pirate and start looking for some hidden treasure!

And be sure to check back tomorrow to see how we made Pirate Izzy's costume and pixie dust bag.