Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A rough day

I've had a rough couple of days.
Let me give you a recent snap shot of my life.

Saturday-ran a zillion errands to get stuff for the new house, randomly broke out in head to toe hives. Itchy, itchy hives.
Sunday- taught Sunday school at church in the morning, spray painted 2 chairs, then hosted 20 people for Community group at our house that night. Me and Madelyn came down with a cold.
Monday- went grocery shopping and packed during the day, hosted Bunco at our house at night
today- took the dog to the groomers, more packing, more errands

Needless to say we have been busy.
And with the move this Saturday I have felt extra stressed.
I'd like to say I have been handling the craziness with perfect ease and calmness but that would be a big fat lie.
Just ask my kids.

Today we were driving home from Target when this conversation took place.
Mackenzie: "Mommy, are you having a rough day?"
Me: "Yeah Baby, Mommy is having a hard day. But you know what. Just because Mommy is having a hard day does not mean it's ok to have a bad attitude. I'm sorry for being so frustrated and impatient with you guys. It's not ok to act like that and I'm sorry.
Mackenzie: It's ok Mommy, I forgive you.
Wesley: I love you Mommy.
(Mackenzie saying something about me being frustrated and how it's not good to get frustrated with little kids).
Me: I love you guys. Has Mommy not been a very nice Mommy today?
Mackenzie: Hey Mom! (getting really excited) I know what you have been like. You have been like the Mom in Cinderella!

Me: Oh Man. I hope not!

All of us start laughing :)

The past couple days I have had multiple "I can't do this!" moments.
Just today I had a few...
-Taking 2 toddlers and a baby and a dog in and out of the groomers. in the rain.
-Carrying a crying baby and a broom while pushing the other 2 kids in a full shopping cart that I can barely maneuver through Walmart.
-Trying to make dinner for the kids, give the baby a bath and clean throw up out of a car seat all without the hubby.

Anyways, in the midst of these moments the Lord has given me some clarity.
He gently reminded me that
I absolutely cannot do it on my own.
I can't be a good Mom
or a loving wife
or a loyal friend
without Jesus.
And praise the Lord I don't have to!
I am so thankful for a Heavenly Father who is so loving, forgiving, and patient for His Son Jesus who paid the penalty for my sin and for the Holy Spirit that dwells in me, helping me and making me more like Jesus.


Tanya said...

I admire your faith. I have been stalking your site for a while, and you inspire me to go back to church and Jesus and find myself again. Thank you.

Erika said...

wow,the first comment is so awesome!!And I fill with you,I have been there!!love and prayers for you!!!

The Miller Five said...

Hang in there. You can do this. I appreciate your honesty! I had my own no good day yesterday. No fun!

Unknown said...

We are having three dog weather in a one cat household!! Bummer!!
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