Friday, June 26, 2015


Aaron and I got to go to Alaska. 
For 8 days! 
I know, we were freaking out too. 
It was so weird and so awesome and so quiet with just us adults. 
(We totally missed the kids like crazy, but you guys already know that)
We started off the trip with a day and a half in Seattle.
We were super spoiled with hot, sunny weather and the best tour guide around (my cousin Dave and his wife Amy).
We loved Seattle. So many cool spots to see and eat at. 
And then we set sail for our week cruise to Alaska which was a trip Aaron earned through his work.
We sailed on Princess and stopped in Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, Ketchikan and Victoria (Canada).  
Alaska was amazing. 
Aaron and I have been all over the world and I can honestly say Alaska is like no where else I have ever been.
It seems so untouched and raw. 
And green and fresh and beautiful. 
If it had a Target and didn't get so cold I might have been lured into living there. 
View from our hike in Juneau
One of the things that was so crazy to me was how late the sun went down. This was the view at almost 11:00 pm. 
Wow. Just wow.
Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau
The White Pass Rail, Skagway
a peek into the port from one of our hikes
Where's Waldo...I mean Aaron?
One of my favorite parts of the trip was sailing through Glacier Bay.
The glaciers totally showed off for us while we were there.
We saw and heard lots of "white thunder" when large chunks of ice break off the glacier and fall into the ocean. 
So cool.
It was freezing but worth it. 
 Ketchikan was another really cute and quaint town. 
One of my friends actually grew up here. 
How cool is that?
And our last stop was to Victoria which I loved!
It totally reminded me of Europe just a whole lot closer.
I can't wait to go back and spend more time there in the future.

We also got to see tons of wildlife. 
Lots and lots of whales, bald eagles, seals, dolphins and even a grizzly bear (from far away...which I was thankful for). The only thing we missed were the orcas. 

All in all it was an amazing trip that we felt so blessed to go on, but by the end of the 8 days we were so ready to get home to our babies. 
They had so much fun with our friends and family while we were gone (a big, big hug to those people who entered into our crazy life while we were away and held down the fort) but they were ready for us to be home too.
And I got a fresh reminder how full and sweet life with the 6 of us is. 
Crazy to be sure, but absolutely blessed to the fullest.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


It's summer!!
I don't think I have ever anticipated a summer as much as this one.
I love my kid's school but I seriously miss them when they are gone. 
Oh and the lunches. I hate packing lunches every day. 
And homework. Not a fan of that either.
But mostly I'm excited to have them all with me every day and to go on adventures together.
Lots of adventures.
See the summer list. 
It might be a little ambitious but I think we can do it.
So far our first week of summer has been awesome.
We have been to the pool, beach or lake almost every day and all my kids are tanner than me.
I know it's only just started and in a few months I'm sure I'll be ready to be back in the groove of school again but for now all I can think is, "SUMMER FOREVER!"

How's your summer going so far?