Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Finally... some drool pads!

It only took me a year but I f.i.n.a.l.l.y. made Madelyn some girly drool pad covers.

You know now that she is almost out of the Ergo.
Ok not really, but I definitely wish I would have made them sooner (story.of.my.life.)

Sometimes it is rough being the third child. 
Sorry Maddie!

And for all of you who have been waiting what seems like a year for me to add some new drool pad covers to my shop....your wait is almost over too! 

I have a giant pile of new ones that I am working on!
I'm hoping to have them up in the shop by the end of the week so if I'm lagging be sure to remind bother me until they are in there.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Angels are rejoicing in heaven because....
my brother Jeff and his fiance Bedina accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and were baptized at church yesterday morning!!!

My heart is so full of joy right now it just might burst! 

I still am in awe of the goodness of our God who is so mighty to save and how He perfectly orchestrated all the events that lead up to them surrendering their lives to Him yesterday morning. 
It is total proof that the Lord is sovereign and in control of all things. 
And that He calls people to Himself.

I'm so blessed to be a child and disciple of such a great God and King! 
To Him be the glory for ever and ever! 


Do you like our awesome clothes?
Our church just happend to be doing baptisms today and since we didn't know my brother and his fiance would be coming to the Lord or getting baptized none of us had extra clothes so we borrowed the awesome shirts/shorts from the church. 
In case you were wondering and/or wanting an awesome Popeye shirt for yourself. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Randoms

What a week!
So much fun stuff has been filling our days lately.
Here's a peek at our week (and a bit from the week before) through the lens of my camera phone. 

Wesley is my little cuddle monkey.
He loves to be held.

I hate the baby food stage...thankfully it's almost over because my budget sure doesn't like it either!  

books before bed 

Mackenzie reading her Bible in the morning :)

My friend sold all of her kids old clothes that she had been saving to raise money for adoption. 
What a great idea! 

Mackenzie conquered the giant slide! 

My favoriet guilty pleasure...
Five Guys Burger and Fries Bacon cheese burger with everything on it. 

Getting a good pic of all 3 is almost impossible. 
At least one out of 3 are looking. 


We went up in the big balloon...again! 

And we got a personal tour at the fire station with some friends. 
So much fun!

Wesley's ouchie is still not better. 
It got really infected and has been quite the ordeal but is finally on the mend for good (I hope at least). 

After another tramtic visit to Kids doc to get his bandage changed we had to stop by Yogurtland. 
Ice cream makes everything better right?

My husband thinks I have a unique ability to make huge messes.
I think he's right. 
Thankfully he has the gifting of being really good at cleaning.
The Lord knew we needed each other :)

Mackenzie has become really into drawing lately. 
I love to see what comes out of her little mind. 

This little (not so little) one is standing and cruising and eating everything.

Hanging out at Mackenzie's swim lessons.

After swim the kids wanted to watch the CIF waterpolo game that was taking place right next store. 
Mackenzie was so into it and was totally cheering and clapping even though she had no clue what was going on. 

My friends little guy in the onesie I made him.
What a cutie!

Mackenzie said her Bible verse in front of all the moms at the Bible study group I go to. 

She loves the Ergo
So do I :)


He's crazy!

Hope you had a great week too!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A rainbow of...books!

Rainbows make me smile. 
But having a bookshelf filled with 
a rainbow of pretty colors 
makes me smile a lot.
A lot. a lot.  

I mean, how could you look at that and be anything but happy?

A big thanks to my crazy organized hubby for letting me mess everything up for the sake of prettiness. 
You are the best!

I love having the rainbow inside our house. 

So if you wrote a book what color would it be?

Monday, February 20, 2012

President's day

Happy President's Day!

I was a little bummed that my hubby had to work today but I made this "holiday" happy by taking advantage of some sales. 

There's nothing like a little retail therapy. 
Especially when it includes fabric :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Wesley vs. the bush

 Wesley got into a fight with this bush on Sunday.
The bush won.

Here's what happened.
After church the kids were running around behind the building like they always do and Wesley tripped and fell into the mean bush above.
I'm not even sure how it happened but one of those sticks from the bush went into the side of his head. 
It was pretty gross but we cleaned him up and thought he was fine.
Then we saw blood coming out of his ear and started freaking out.
I totally though the stick had gone through his cheek into his ear but Aaron later informed me that would have been anatomically impossible. 
So we took him to urgent care to see what the deal was.
After driving to 3 urgent cares and waiting for an hour and a half we finally were seen.
Well kind of.
They told us that they didn't have the proper tools to look at him so they sent us to the ER.

Wesley was such a brave boy during the whole thing.
Actually I think he really enjoyed everyone being worried about him and being the center of attention.
He was so happy and proud the entire time.
Go figure.
Anyways, the ER cleaned out his ear and the puncture hole, put some glue on the hole and said he was fine. 

Then a couple days later his whole side of his face was totally swollen and the thing looked way worse so we took him to the doctors.
The doctor said that the wound was really infected
so they put him on some antibiotics. 

And they had us draw a tattoo (at least that's what we told Wesley) around it to make sure teh redness wasn't spreading and it wasn't getting worse. 

The whole incident was just so random
but thankfully the antibiotics are slowly starting to do their thing (although the puncture hole still looks pretty gross and infected) and our little guy is on the mend. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mismatched chairs

 2 moves ago we got rid of a ton of stuff.
Among them was our dining room table.
So when we moved this last time we needed a new table.
Since we found out we were moving on a Friday I immediately dragged the hubby and kids out for a little garage sale-ing adventure the following day.
And it's a good thing I did because we scored this awesome table for a total steal.
The only minor detail was that it came with no chairs. 

I ended up convincing Aaron (and myself) that the shabby chic/mismatch look was totally in and that it would look so cool to buy random, all wood chairs off Craigslist and paint them to match.
Way cooler than 8 matchy match chairs that would have cost a fortune to buy from a real store (I never knew how expensive just chairs were until I went to buy one (or 8)...geez!)
So that's exactly what we did.

And it ended up being super easy. 
The hardest part was actually finding single, all wood chairs off Craigslist.

*I wanted the chairs to be all wood so I could wipe them off easily when spills happen (which is a lot around here).   

I also was able to pick up this little bench at a garage sale for $10. 
It's the kids favorite place to sit and when we have the kids friends over they all like to squeeze on it together. 

I love how it all came together!
And I love it when that happens :) 

And in case you were wondering how I painted the chairs...

First I sanded them (just to rough them up a bit so the paint would stick), made sure all the dust was off and then covered them with a few coats of Rustoleum's semi gloss black spray paint.  

Easy peasy. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Recap and What I Wore

Hey Guys!

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day! 

We sure did.
We started the day off right with some heart shaped pancakes and pink smoothies, I gave Wes his first ever at home hair cut (don't worry I watched a how to cut your toddler's hair You Tube video first), we went to the park, the kids helped me make chocolate covered strawberries, and we cooked Daddy a yummy Valentine's day dinner. 

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day with your favorite people too! 

And since it's Wednesday I thought I'd entertain you with a few of my outfit choices from the past couple of weeks (basically the few days that I actually remembered to take a picture...Whoops).
Most of the stuff is from the clothing exchange we recently had at our church. 
If you missed me talking about that, it was basically a day where a bunch of our friends cleaned out our closets and then brought the goods to our church where we all got to shop for free from each others old stuff. It was so much fun and we all came out with a ton of new (used) stuff! 

top- Forever 21(via clothing exchange at my church)
jeggings- Forver 21
boots- Cathy Jean

top- from clothing xchange
jeans- KUT (via clothing xchange)
shoes- Macy's
bracelets- Macy's 

sweatshirt- (my favorite new item...I wear it way too often) Old Navy via the clothing xchange 
leggings- Old Navy
boots- Emu

who's that crazy guy? :)

shirt- Banana Republic
cardigan- Forever 21 
jeans- Paige
shoes- Macy's

shirt- Old Navy
cardigan- Target
jeans- Paige
shoes- Macy's

dress- Mamaways
jeggings- Forever 21 
boots- Cathy Jean
bracelets- 31 bits

sweater- Express
jeans- Citizen of Humanity
shoes- Macy's
necklace- Nordstroms