Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mismatched chairs

 2 moves ago we got rid of a ton of stuff.
Among them was our dining room table.
So when we moved this last time we needed a new table.
Since we found out we were moving on a Friday I immediately dragged the hubby and kids out for a little garage sale-ing adventure the following day.
And it's a good thing I did because we scored this awesome table for a total steal.
The only minor detail was that it came with no chairs. 

I ended up convincing Aaron (and myself) that the shabby chic/mismatch look was totally in and that it would look so cool to buy random, all wood chairs off Craigslist and paint them to match.
Way cooler than 8 matchy match chairs that would have cost a fortune to buy from a real store (I never knew how expensive just chairs were until I went to buy one (or 8)...geez!)
So that's exactly what we did.

And it ended up being super easy. 
The hardest part was actually finding single, all wood chairs off Craigslist.

*I wanted the chairs to be all wood so I could wipe them off easily when spills happen (which is a lot around here).   

I also was able to pick up this little bench at a garage sale for $10. 
It's the kids favorite place to sit and when we have the kids friends over they all like to squeeze on it together. 

I love how it all came together!
And I love it when that happens :) 

And in case you were wondering how I painted the chairs...

First I sanded them (just to rough them up a bit so the paint would stick), made sure all the dust was off and then covered them with a few coats of Rustoleum's semi gloss black spray paint.  

Easy peasy. 


stephanie said...

ohmygosh I LOVE it! and it's exactly what I've been trying to do for my own table for nearly 2 months. finding single wood chairs is kicking my butt!

Tina said...

You are amazing! That looks beautiful!!

Susanne said...

i LOVE this look!

Mama G @ said...

Looks great! I wish I would have thought of that with my table. I went out and bought 4 cheap Ikea chairs which are falling apart. Looks like they won't make it much longer so I might do this!

Marie-Eve said...

Love it!
Great Job!

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

The chairs look so great! I love the mismatched look ... we have that as well although they're different colors and not all the same. I think it's a fun look in a house full of kids.

kiran said...

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