Friday, February 17, 2012

Wesley vs. the bush

 Wesley got into a fight with this bush on Sunday.
The bush won.

Here's what happened.
After church the kids were running around behind the building like they always do and Wesley tripped and fell into the mean bush above.
I'm not even sure how it happened but one of those sticks from the bush went into the side of his head. 
It was pretty gross but we cleaned him up and thought he was fine.
Then we saw blood coming out of his ear and started freaking out.
I totally though the stick had gone through his cheek into his ear but Aaron later informed me that would have been anatomically impossible. 
So we took him to urgent care to see what the deal was.
After driving to 3 urgent cares and waiting for an hour and a half we finally were seen.
Well kind of.
They told us that they didn't have the proper tools to look at him so they sent us to the ER.

Wesley was such a brave boy during the whole thing.
Actually I think he really enjoyed everyone being worried about him and being the center of attention.
He was so happy and proud the entire time.
Go figure.
Anyways, the ER cleaned out his ear and the puncture hole, put some glue on the hole and said he was fine. 

Then a couple days later his whole side of his face was totally swollen and the thing looked way worse so we took him to the doctors.
The doctor said that the wound was really infected
so they put him on some antibiotics. 

And they had us draw a tattoo (at least that's what we told Wesley) around it to make sure teh redness wasn't spreading and it wasn't getting worse. 

The whole incident was just so random
but thankfully the antibiotics are slowly starting to do their thing (although the puncture hole still looks pretty gross and infected) and our little guy is on the mend. 


Unknown said...

Poor little man. I imagine that was all pretty scary. Glad he is okay. I'll pray he heals quickly. Oh boys...sweet adventureous boys.

Erika said...

Fast recovery little man!!God bless!

raheem grant said...

Wesley is so cute, to cute to get hurt. don't judge me but i think i like Wesley like foreal foreal no lie, because Wesley seen like a good kid, and i want him so bad.

SkyeSweet1276 said...

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