Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I keep telling people that I am working on half a brain right now.
I'm not sure if it's true but I have heard that you lose brain cells every time you get pregnant.
All I have to say is 
that would explain a lot.
Add in sleep deprivation and 3 other kids to take care of and you have my current situation/brain problem.

So here a list of random things floating around my brain right now. 

1. I replaced my family rules sign with this beauty off Etsy. 
So much cleaner and prettier.
Bought from this shop (not sure if she is still selling them though)

2. We planted a garden (details to come). 
These pretties are some of our first fruits.

3. Read this blog post about Dating for Moms. So funny. So true. 

4. I just discovered that Chick-Fil-A has different sauces (where have I been?!) so of course I had try them.
 all of them.
Oh and I'm still obsessed with their cookies and cream milkshakes.
They are dangerous people. dangerous.

5. I finally printed some pictures of Hudson.
It's still weird to think that we have 4 kids sometimes.

6. We started reading the Narnia series with Mackenzie. Aaron is in heaven.

7. The kids and I made some of the banana "ice cream" I kept seeing on Pinterest.
Basically you just throw frozen bananas in a mixer with some vanilla and let it do it's thing. 
Not my favorite but Wesley loved it.

8. We were so excited to find out that this little tree in the corner of our backyard is a pomegranate tree! 
I can't wait to try our first pomegranate. 

9. Mackenzie is learning how to do a cartwheel.

10. We booked our annual trip to Yosemite!! I'm so so excited!!! And you better believe we will be trying these this year. 

11. Best candy bar ever.

12. I made these lemon brownies. Yay for actually making things off Pinterest. 

13. This is what my kids do about 80% of the day. 

14. I started the Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout DVD. Man I am seriously out of shape. 

15. Oh and this little guy is almost 7 weeks old.
How did that happen?

What's floating around your brain right now?

Monday, April 29, 2013

A little health update

A bunch of you have been asking about my health so I thought I'd give you a little update...
although there isn't a whole lot to update you on (but I guess that's a good thing!). 
Praise God I haven't had any episodes in almost 6 months! 
This is by far the longest I have gone episode free.

The doctors wanted me to redo a bunch of big scans/tests including the radioactive Octreotide Scan a month after Hudson was born but since I have been feeling great and the tests are so inconvenient (I can't  be around the kids for a few days, can't feed the baby for 2 weeks!, etc.) we decided to redo some blood work and other non invasive tests first. 

The tumor marker that came back really high a few months ago had gone down a bit (probably because I'm no longer pregnant) but is still much higher than normal. 

I'm still waiting on another test result before I meet face to face with the doctors to see what our next step is but for now it sounds like they still want me to redo the scans. We will see though.

Whatever happens the Lord has been meeting me and ministering to me in such a sweet way during this season. During one of the sessions of the woman's retreat with our church our speaker Margaret Ashmore taught on the sovereignty of God. It was so. so. good and such a great reminder that God uses everything that happens for our good and His ultimate glory. Whatever happens I've already seen God use this mystery disease for my good and I'm trusting that He is and will be glorified through it. 
I'll keep you guys posted as I know more. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

A peek at our week(s)

Yay! It's Friday!

Here's a peek at our week (well the past 2 weeks or so). 

The kids both got their class "pet" in their preschool classes for the week.
They were so excited! 

Hudson and I got away for the weekend at the woman's retreat with our church.
It was so. so. good. In so many ways. 

This is what our bed looks like around 6:45 each day. 

painted piggies

Wesley really wanted to make Trucker (his class pet) a collar and leash so he helped me whip one up.
He was so proud to have helped make it!
Here was the finished product. 

Kenzie wanted to sew something for her class pet too so we made Bubba Bear an apron to use on his cooking adventures. 

Hudson is so lucky to have such a great big sister 

and brother! Wesley took his job of feeding Hudson the bottle very seriously. 

attack Auntie Syd! 

never ending 

Hanging with Auntie Becky

We emptied out all of the half eaten/going bad bags of bread and hamburger/hot dog buns from our fridge and went to feed the ducks! 

The kids love their Bapa! 

We have the best community group. 
And church. 

I heart Craigslist. 
$75 for hours and hours of fun.

Silly girls

We started swim lessons again. 
Because if I am going to be anywhere with water this summer I want to know that at least 2 of my kids are water safe. 

Little man

The kids have made our banister into a raceway.
They love to slide their cars down it.

Hudson is counting down the days until he can join the fun

We went with this crew...

to the Jana Alyra concert! 
My kids were in heaven. 
They are total groupies. 

Best buddies. 
And trouble makers. 

Can we just press the pause button on this little guy's life. 
How is he already 6 weeks old?!

Monday, April 22, 2013


Being a stay at home mom is an adventure.
Although some days (most days) are filled with the mundane
laundry. breakfast. dishes. coloring. park. lunch. diapers. playing. cleaning. dinner. dishes. repeat.
 there is always a sense of excitement
because no matter how well you plan your day you never know what will actually happen.
The other day my morning started off trying to figure out the best (or least worse) way of rescuing Easter eggs out of a toilet. filled with poo.
Every day I have to wipe down the table and sweep the floor but often I am cleaning crayon/marker off of something or someone.

 Or I'm cleaning something much worse than crayon or marker (feel free to use your imagination here or read this or this for some examples).

Yesterday Maddie got her head stuck in between the bars of our stair banister
She also discovered the joy of sliding down the banister as a slide (thanks to her big brother).
ER here we come.

Some days you open the washer and find that somehow a diaper (hopefully not a poopy one) snuck it's way in there. Always after you have already ran the wash. Count your blessings if this has never happened to you.
Some days your kids get bored with the traditional uses of play dough and start sticking it in their ears.
You get the idea.
Life as a mom is never boring.

And although the examples above are more of the challenging things that keep my day exciting there are also unexpected blessings amidst even the hardest of days.
The other day Wesley jumped into my arms, gave me a big hug and told me that he loved me SO much and that I was the best Mommy in the whole wide world.
Every morning as the kids wake up they make their way into our bed and we get to enjoy some morning cuddles.

The other day nap time was not happening (with the big kids) so we spent the afternoon playing in the sunshine instead.

And then there are those precious moments when your kids say something that reveals they have actually heard and understood an important truth you have been trying to teach them.
Or when they choose to obey. Right behind "I love you" I think the words "Yes, Mom" are some of the most beautiful words my kids can say to me (in this season of life at least).

Anyways...the other day it dawned on me.
Each day is an adventure.
Filled with the unknown.
There will be moments of good and moments of bad.
And some of the time (probably close to 50% of the time) I can't control what is going to happen but I can always control how I am going to react to whatever happens.
I can freak out and let it ruin my day and/or attitude or I can embrace the surprises of life with grace, find joy in the midst and carry on.
I want to choose the latter.
Even in the midst of fishing poopy eggs out the toilet or cleaning Vaseline off the walls.
With the Lord's help of course.

Galatians 5:22-23
22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control.  

Thursday, April 11, 2013


I've got a whole bunch of blog posts planned...in my head that is.
I even took a bunch of pictures for said blog posts. 
But they are still on my camera.
And every time I determine to be productive 
little man decided he needs to be held.

good thing he is so cute and cuddly.   

or I sit down to do it and this

or this happens. 

So sorry if I have not called you back in days, or returned an email or text message, or (fill in the blank).
I blame it on my narcolepsy and the cute little baby. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

A happy package

The other day I got the sweetest gift. 

My friend Erin sent me this beautiful fabric and these sweet little animals all the way from Uganda.
She lives there with her hubby Trey and cute baby Zion.
(Read about their journey and see how God is using them there on her super cute blog
Clearly she knows the way to my heart.
Now I just have to figure out what to make with such special fabric.
Any ideas?

Friday, April 5, 2013

A peek at our week

Sometimes I feel like having 4 kids is no harder than 3
and sometimes I feel like having 4 kids is c.r.a.z.y.
But whether things are running smoothy or all 4 are grumpy and crying at the same time (not that that ever happens :) )
I wouldn't trade it for the world.
These little guys bless me so much. 

Anyways, here's a peek at our week.

I was able to grab a quick picture of the kids before they went downstairs to get their Easter baskets on Easter morning.
This year Easter baskets included Squinkies (my kids current favorite toy) and some spring/summer jammies.

And another picture before church on Easter. 
in the parking lot.

Me and my littlest guy

After church we went to my aunt and uncle's house to celebrate with my family.
And no Osborne Easter celebration is complete without our annual egg smashing competition.
Everyone gets a hard boiled egg and we take turns smashing them with an opponent until there is only one egg standing.  

Guess who the winner was this year?
He was SO happy!

And I was able to get a picture of all of us...smiling!

We got 2 cars to fit in the garage.
That was exciting.

Most of the week we have either been hanging out at home

or meeting friends for park dates. 

It's so fun hanging out with friends.

Mackenzie using her height to help a friend out. 
 That's a big sister of 3 for you. 
She's always helping and taking care of others.
She's going to make a great Mama one day.

Enjoying the sunshine in our backyard. 

Deep in thought.

We dragged Aaron to the grocery store with us. 
I don't think he'll be doing that again (by choice) any time soon.
He kept saying...is it always this crazy.

Tummy time

Maddie is totally obsessed with Hudson. 
She is constantly kissing him, touching him, trying to hold him, etc.
They are going to be buddies. 

My heart and my lap and our couch are full :)

How was your week?