Thursday, April 11, 2013


I've got a whole bunch of blog posts my head that is.
I even took a bunch of pictures for said blog posts. 
But they are still on my camera.
And every time I determine to be productive 
little man decided he needs to be held.

good thing he is so cute and cuddly.   

or I sit down to do it and this

or this happens. 

So sorry if I have not called you back in days, or returned an email or text message, or (fill in the blank).
I blame it on my narcolepsy and the cute little baby. 


Kathy said...

He is a cutie. And you need your rest. It looks like a perfect combination to me.

RachelRAdams said...

Aww life with a newborn... those are such precious day. Tiring but precious and it looks like you are soaking it up! Enjoy sweet friend!