Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I just can't get enough of this guy.

He's absolutely perfect.
Except when he poops on me. 
Which I'm sad to say has happened more than once. or twice.

And I also can't get enough of Picmonkey.
It makes me look like I have way more skills with my camera than I really do.


Erin said...

He's so darling. (Almost) Makes me miss the sweet newborn days, Zion seems so big now! Such sweet kiddos.

Kathy said...

No wonder you are obsessed. What cute kids you have.

Southern Homemaker said...

Another beautiful baby. Congratulations Momma!!
Newborn poop is not fun, I know. Do you use cloth diapers? They work the best at keeping it all in:) They are easy to use and cheaper;)
I have been stalking your blog since Wesley was a baby and enjoy seeing all of your fun posts. I figured it was time to send a hello from Atlantic to Pacific. I live in South Carolina.