Friday, April 26, 2013

A peek at our week(s)

Yay! It's Friday!

Here's a peek at our week (well the past 2 weeks or so). 

The kids both got their class "pet" in their preschool classes for the week.
They were so excited! 

Hudson and I got away for the weekend at the woman's retreat with our church.
It was so. so. good. In so many ways. 

This is what our bed looks like around 6:45 each day. 

painted piggies

Wesley really wanted to make Trucker (his class pet) a collar and leash so he helped me whip one up.
He was so proud to have helped make it!
Here was the finished product. 

Kenzie wanted to sew something for her class pet too so we made Bubba Bear an apron to use on his cooking adventures. 

Hudson is so lucky to have such a great big sister 

and brother! Wesley took his job of feeding Hudson the bottle very seriously. 

attack Auntie Syd! 

never ending 

Hanging with Auntie Becky

We emptied out all of the half eaten/going bad bags of bread and hamburger/hot dog buns from our fridge and went to feed the ducks! 

The kids love their Bapa! 

We have the best community group. 
And church. 

I heart Craigslist. 
$75 for hours and hours of fun.

Silly girls

We started swim lessons again. 
Because if I am going to be anywhere with water this summer I want to know that at least 2 of my kids are water safe. 

Little man

The kids have made our banister into a raceway.
They love to slide their cars down it.

Hudson is counting down the days until he can join the fun

We went with this crew...

to the Jana Alyra concert! 
My kids were in heaven. 
They are total groupies. 

Best buddies. 
And trouble makers. 

Can we just press the pause button on this little guy's life. 
How is he already 6 weeks old?!


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Love this post. Seems you are adjusting to your newest "normal".

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