Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Maddie and her friend

You guys. 
Madelyn is obsessed with the pretend people at Old Navy. 
And every other store.

Aaron is kind of embarrassed by it but I think it's hilarious. 

I have to practically peel her off of them when we are ready to leave

What can I say? 
She is just a lover. 
Even to pretend people. 

Happy Tuesday friends! 

Hope you have something silly to put a smile on your face today. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Yosemite 2014

Yosemite is our family's spot. 
I think I would go as far as saying that it is my favorite place in the world. 
There's just something so magical about it. 
The trees, the stone, the animals, the streams and fresh mountain air. 
It's definitely God's territory.

This year we decided to visit Big Sur before we headed to Yosemite. 
We made it all the way to San Louis Obispo by breakfast time.
Aaron and I are big fans of leaving early. 
Like really really early (think 2:45 am). 

We decided to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium on our way up to Big Sur as well. 
It was amazing!

Our favorite exhibit was definitely the jelly fish. 
I never knew there were so many different varieties and all of them were so interesting and beautiful. 
What a cool Creator God is! 
He sure came up with a lot of interesting animals.

Monterey seemed to be a really neat town. 
I wish we had more time to explore there (I did get some tasty clam chowder though!)

We met two of our close family friends in Big Sur. 
Those redwood trees are awesome. 

These two. 
I can't even handle it. 
I'm pretty sure we will show this at their wedding slideshow one day. 

Little cuties on a big tree. 

After a couple days in Big Sur we headed to Yosemite.

I think this was one of our best trips yet. 
We spent lots of time in the river, 

riding bikes, 

and going on hikes.

The kids claimed this area as their island and spent hours imagining and exploring there

We visited the nature center and learned all about animal poo (among other things)

picture perfect

Oh and we saw a bear!!! 
Like rode right by him on our bikes.

our gigantic biker gang of bikes

Our happy place

Hasta Luego Yosemite! 
See you next year!

Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm back! A peek at our week

Hey guys! 
I guess I needed a little blogging sabbatical because I sure took a long one.
I feel like I should give you a proper recap of our summer with pictures and lots of details but I might need another sabbatical by the time I was done. 
So here's the quick recap. 
It was full of a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of crazy. 
We did swim team, park days, lots of vacations (June Lake, Sedona, The Grand Canyon, Big Sur, Yosemite) and lots of little things in between. 
In fact we almost checked off our entire summer fun list.

And now the kids are back in school! 
Which has posed a whole new kind of crazy (2 days a week I have 5 drop off/pick ups)!.

Mackenzie started first grade,

Wesley started kindergarten,

and Madelyn started preschool.
How and when did my kids get so big?! 

All the kids love their teachers and school but I think Madelyn won the prize for most excited. 
She really really wanted to go to kindergarten with Wesley but she settled for preschool and she loves it.

Is it just me or has going back to school been a big adjustment? 
My kids love school but they come home crazy. 
Like a mixture of energized but tired and not getting along. 
We have been in school for a week but it feels like it's been a month. 
I think I'm still getting used to them being back in school too. 
And making lunches. 
Uggg...making lunches! 

If you are a mom you need to read this book. 
so good! 

we took the kids to their first teppanyaki experience.
Kenzie and Wes loved it! 
And Maddie and Hudson were totally freaked out when the guy lit the food on fire.

My kids are super clumsy.
Someone is always hurt so our boo boo bags get used frequently. 
I've had it on my to do list to trash the old ones and make new ones (i reused the combination of rice and wheat berries inside).
I love checking projects off my to do list. 

A few days a week I take this bad boy (full of kids plus more kids on their bikes or scooters) to school for drop off/or pick up. 
I'm pretty sure I'm known as the crazy bike lady. 

Madelyn has a crazy love for mannequins. 
It's so funny. 
I think it may need it's own blog post. 

My cuddle bug. 
He's never far from me. 

We planted our fall garden. 

And I got to help throw a shower for this cute lady! 
I love babies!  

Growing up Aaron's dad took him out to breakfast before school on Friday mornings an this year Aaron started the tradition with our kids.
They think it's the coolest thing ever. 

I think my hair had a growth spurt.
I swear it grew a foot since I straightened it last (which may have been months ago!)

A special superhero cape for a special little boy who is now in the arms of Jesus. 

We survived the first week of school so we got pedis to celebrate. 

My church just started an 8 month theology class. 
I feel like I'm back at Biola (my college) and I'm loving it. 

Finished pic of the fall garden. 

So, how have you guys been??!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday Wesley!

My baby boy turned 5 today. 
Seriously, how did that happen?! 
I still remember the days this boy had colic and I thought he would never do anything but cry.
Who would of known that sad baby would turn into such a joy filled young man. 

Wesley Paul,
Happy Birthday sweet boy! 
I can't believe you are 5 years old. 
This past year you have grown and matured so much. 
You are growing into the godly man that Daddy and I pray for. 
You are silly and sweet
and totally crazy!
You do stuff that makes me want to pull my hair out and then sweet talk me so I can't even be mad at you. 
 You are always eager to give out compliments and tell us how much you love us.
You are a little charmer already! 
 You love to cook and sew and pretty much help with anything Daddy or I (or anyone else) is doing. 
Unless it is unloading the dishwasher.
You don't really like helping with that. 
You are playful and have a brilliant imagination. 
 You are so sweet and forgiving. 
You didn't even get mad at me when I accidentally shaved all your pretty hair off. 
You are adventurous and love to go camping and exploring. 
 Recently you learned how to do the monkey bars like a boss. 
You are always making us laugh. 
Our family would not be nearly as much fun or exciting without you in it. 
 You are obsessed with your Bapa. 
You are the kind of kid everyone wants to be around. 
You make everything super fun! 
And sometimes (maybe lots of time) you get in trouble for having too much fun. 
You have a heart of gold.
 We are so thankful that you are our son! 
We pray that you continue to love Jesus and love others with all your heart, soul, mind and strength
 and that you grow in godliness as you grow in wisdom and stature. 
We love you big boy!! 
Happy number five!