Friday, August 31, 2012

Goodbye and hello

Good bye world.
Hello nature.

We are off to Yosemite for the holiday weekend.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Baby Caleb's shower

Remember baby Caleb?
Last weekend we had the pleasure of throwing his baby shower for my best friend Anna as they prepare for his arrival home!

Caleb's little life has been so amazing to watch. 
He's only 4 (almost 5) months old and God has already used Him mightily for His glory.
Caleb is proof that God is the Creator and Sustainer of life
and that He is full of mercy and grace.
What a great God we serve!

Here are a few details from the shower.

One of our friends made the cute "Mighty Mouse" onesie to represent Caleb's nickname in the NICU (the doctors called him mighty mouse because he was tiny but strong) and we decorated the mantle with some fabric bunting and pictures of Caleb over the past 4 months. 

The backyard was also decorated for the occasion but since it was sooooo hot we pretty much stayed indoors. 

We asked each guest to write a little note to Anna or baby Caleb and then a few of us shared them during the shower. 

It comes in handy to know a baker. 
One of our friends made the most delicious lemon cupcakes ever. 
Seriously I could have ate them all.

Oh and I totally forgot to take pictures of the rest of the food but we had lots of yummy brunch things...egg casserole, potatoes, french toast casserole, muffins, fruit, croissants, etc.

We also played a couple simple baby games. 
Because what's a baby shower without games.

And the best part of any shower...presents!!!

Anna finally got some BLUE in her life with tons of cute boy stuff (she also has two girls at home so they are overwhelmed with pink right now). 

It was so fun to be celebrating Anna and baby Caleb and we are all counting down the days until he is home. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

A peek at our week

Hey Guys! 
I'm back! 
This whole being pregnant with three other kids is tiring stuff.
I'm hoping my energy will come back to me soon. very soon. 
In the mean time we have been taking it easy and enjoying the last little bit of summer. 
Here's a peek at our week!
Enjoy :)

I love my girls.

Chipotle veggie bowl 
at home. 

Look at our crazy tomato plant/bush/tree.
It's at least 10 ft tall!

And totally out of control.
Did I mention we have 4 of them too.
Planted in our front yard which is technically part of our association.
Of course my biggest tomato plants are in the one place they are really not supposed to be.
I've been giving our neighbors free tomatoes to keep them happy. 

She is the happiest baby ever. 

And she looks just like her daddy.

I got to celebrate my BFF and her baby boy who is finally coming home soon (shower details to come). 

Maddie's preferred way to ride

We went to an Angel's game.
Go Halos! 

The kids loved it!

I let the kids play with bubbles.
And had to document it because it doesn't happen often.

Little Missy played with chalk. 
And ate the bubbles. 

The kids are obsessed with puppet shows. 

And Mackenzie is obsessed with dinosaurs.
This was part of her field journal.
The other day she told me,
"Mom, I'm going to be a paleontologist when I get older and I need to watch some more "Dinosaur train" so I can learn as much as possible about dinosaurs."

I totally wish we had one of these in our house.
I think Wesley would spend all day in it. 


Next weekend we are going camping!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sitting at the table like a big girl.

Gold from our crazy tomato plants. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pregnancy cravings

Babies do weird things to your body 
and taste buds.

With each pregnancy I have been super into eating one thing.

 With Mackenzie it was cereal.
I ate it at least twice a day.
(Don't worry that's not my real stash of cereal)

With Wesley it was Lemon Berry Slushies from Sonic.
But I blame that on him being born in July.
I pretty much had to hit up happy hour most days just to keep from melting. 

With Madelyn it was all Asian food but particularly Pei Wei. 
I craved it all.the.time.
Which is weird because I don't usually love Asian cuisine. 

And I'm pretty sure this new baby loves Yogurt land. 
Or maybe I just love Yogurt land and I'm blaming it on the baby.
Either way it's dangerous.
And the best/worst part is it's right down from the street from me. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Cereal lover

Wesley: "Mom you make the best cereal in the whole wide world."

He's easy to please :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

And then there were 6....

The Sellars' have some exciting news to announce...

Yep, you read that right.

Baby number 4 
is due March 26th, 2013. 

And to answer your questions...
yes it was planned and yes we are so excited! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A peek at our week

Hey Guys!
Sorry I went m.i.a.
I'm still alive.
And to prove it to you...
here's a peek at our week through the camera lens of my phone.
Oh and make sure you come back tomorrow...
I'll be announcing some big news you won't want to miss :)

Ants have officially invaded our house.
i. hate. ants.

The kids were watching a "Diego" show that had a sloth in it.
They thought it was so cool when I dug up this old picture from me in Brazil holding a real sloth.

The church right next to our house had a free car wash.
Yes, please!!

The melt me. 

Our friends had the coolest bounce house/waterslide at their 30th party. 
The kids loved it!
And I loved actually forgetting I had kids with us (it's so weird that they are getting to an age where they can actually do things by themselves...well almost all of them)

I got to listen to my hubby preach at church!! 
I'm so blessed to have such an awesome and godly man in my life.
I'll post the link so you guys can listen to it too once it's on the church's website. 

We went to a friend's birthday party where the kids had a color blast. 
They basically threw this colored power stuff from India at each other.
It was pretty awesome.

The after shot. 

Our tomato bushes are overflowing. 

sleepy baby

Wesley was scared of part of a movie so Mackeznie told him that he could cuddle with her.
She's the best big sister.


real life butterfly rescue mission. 

He's finally into boy dress up.

teaching Madelyn his Jedi ways