Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wesley's Animal Rescue Mission birthday party

There's an animal in trouble.
There's an animal in trouble.
There's an animal in trouble somewhere.
-Diego Animal Rescuer

Wesley's 3rd birthday party couldn't have been easier.
He is super into Diego right now so we threw a little Diego inspired party at a near by park.

When the kids got the to party we let each of them decorate a pair of binoculars (made out of toilet paper rolls and yarn) with animal stickers and crayons. 

I also had some animal snacks for the kids to munch on as they were crafting.

The kids loved decorating the binoculars and 

using them to look for animals in trouble.

Once all the kids arrived I gathered them together and told them,
"There's an animal in trouble.
There's and animal in trouble.
There's an animal in trouble somewhere.
 Dora and Diego heard that you guys were going to be at the park for Wesley's birthday and they gave me this letter to read to you.

"Welcome Animal Rescuers! Some animals are in trouble and Dora and I need you help rescuing them. Will you help us? (yes!!!) Thanks! Follow the signs at each stop and Mrs. Kristin's instructions to help the animal in trouble". 

The kids were sooo excited they jetted off as fast as they could. 

The first stop was the Butterfly Wing Repair Center. 

I thought I'd include the instructions I read at each stop in case you want to know all the gushy details...
"Welcome to the butterfly rescue center. These butterflies have a broken wing and need your help to fly again. Find the first aid kit and put one band aid on each butterfly wing."

*The butterflies were made out of card stock (and decorated by me and the kids) and taped onto a baseball dugout at the park. 

The kids each got 2 band aids to put on a butterfly of their choice. 
The little ones had a hard time opening the band aids by themselves (if I did it again I would have had them all out of the package so they just had to take the sticky tabs off) but other than that they loved it.

At stop number 2 we encountered the silly Bo Bo Monkeys.
"Those silly Bo Bo monkeys are causing trouble again! They stole all of the baby monkey's bananas. When Mrs. Kristin calls your name, grab a water balloon out of the bucket and step up to the line where you can try and stop the Bo Bo monkeys." 

The water balloons were a huge hit!

We had each kid stand near the pool noodle and throw 3 water balloons at the Bo Bo monkeys.

The third stop was the Owl Toss.
'The mean old bear is blocking the path! Each person needs to throw the owls into the hoop before he will let us through."

*We used some owl bean bags I had left over from Mackenzie's 2nd birthday party

And next was the Spider and Snake Crawl
"Welcome to spider and snake valley. To make it to the next animal in trouble you must crawl under the net without touching any of the dangerous spiders or snakes. Good luck!"

The kids crawled under 

and then back again. 

The final stop was to help a baby bird.

"Help!  A baby bird is in trouble! She has lost her home and needs our help to build a new nest. Dig in the sand to find sticks, leaves, and grass to build her new nest."

The kids did a great job working together to find all of the stuff I had buried and they even found some other things around the park to make the baby's nest extra comfy. 

Of course no party is complete without cupcakes.
Funfetti cupcakes to be exact.

As I was passing out all the cupcakes and helping kids put straws in their drinks I forgot to tell the kids not to eat their cupcakes yet. 
look at Wesley's face :)

So stopped to sing Happy Birthday and let Wesley blow out his half eaten cupcake. 

Then Wesley opened his presents, the kids played a bit at the park and we were done. 
I think it was one of the most fun and less stressful kid parties we have done. 

Oh and for the favors we just did fun dips, now and laters, water guns, water balloons and a sticky frog. 


Carole and Lee said...

That is a GREAT birthday party! My 3 year old boy is into Diego too, I think the rescue pack song is constantly in my head. This is when I wish my kids weren't born the day before AND the day after Christmas, no fun park birthday parties for us.. at least not here in Utah.

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