Wednesday, August 1, 2012

getting all mushy

Wesley turning 3 made me get all mushy.
My kids are growing up fast and I don't like it.

I had to snap a picture of each of them to document this season of life.
Because one blink and I know it will be over.

Mackenzie is 4 and a half going on 10. 
She is constantly amazing me with the things she says.
I'm always asking her, "How do you know that?"
I'm pretty convinced she thinks she knows everything too.
Every time I tell her something she always says, "Yeah Mom, I know."
She is also a great helper and loves to nurture her brother and sister.
Oh and she loves to play with her little "people" (Polly pocket, princesses, My little ponies, you name it).

Wesley is our ball of fire. 
He keeps us laughing and smiling and always on our toes.
He has such a sweet, loving heart and is definitely a people person.
He loves sports and climbing (anything and everything) and is finnnaaallly into boy toys.
And he loves to cuddle.

And Madelyn is just a cutie pie.
She is already so independent.
She plays well by herself and wants to do everything without help.
She is happy and playful and stubborn.
Her favorite words are hi and bye (while waving). 
She wants to do everything that her brother and sister are doing and can't wait to be old enough to keep up with them. 

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