Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pregnancy cravings

Babies do weird things to your body 
and taste buds.

With each pregnancy I have been super into eating one thing.

 With Mackenzie it was cereal.
I ate it at least twice a day.
(Don't worry that's not my real stash of cereal)

With Wesley it was Lemon Berry Slushies from Sonic.
But I blame that on him being born in July.
I pretty much had to hit up happy hour most days just to keep from melting. 

With Madelyn it was all Asian food but particularly Pei Wei. 
I craved it all.the.time.
Which is weird because I don't usually love Asian cuisine. 

And I'm pretty sure this new baby loves Yogurt land. 
Or maybe I just love Yogurt land and I'm blaming it on the baby.
Either way it's dangerous.
And the best/worst part is it's right down from the street from me.