Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pregnancy cravings

Babies do weird things to your body 
and taste buds.

With each pregnancy I have been super into eating one thing.

 With Mackenzie it was cereal.
I ate it at least twice a day.
(Don't worry that's not my real stash of cereal)

With Wesley it was Lemon Berry Slushies from Sonic.
But I blame that on him being born in July.
I pretty much had to hit up happy hour most days just to keep from melting. 

With Madelyn it was all Asian food but particularly Pei Wei. 
I craved it all.the.time.
Which is weird because I don't usually love Asian cuisine. 

And I'm pretty sure this new baby loves Yogurt land. 
Or maybe I just love Yogurt land and I'm blaming it on the baby.
Either way it's dangerous.
And the best/worst part is it's right down from the street from me. 


Christi Ellis said...

Wow, those are all so different! Fun
It was fried chicken with my first, mango with second, and I have consumed a lot of cheese tortillini this time. So true, pregnancy does odd things to tastebuds. :)

Sara Lisa said...

I can't stop myself after watching this. thanks for the share! Pregnancy Tips