Thursday, August 9, 2012

And the saga continues.

I had another episode today.
Just when I thought my crazy mystery disease was gone
it showed its ugly head yet again.
Thankfully today wasn't nearly as bad as last time
(which was over 4 and a half months ago!).
I pretty much just had diarrhea and itchy hives all over my body.

Per doctors orders I went straight to the ER and I gave the ER doctor the lab slips I had in my wallet (from the gastroenterologist and rhuematologist).
They drew 15 vials of blood. 
Hopefully all that blood will show something. 
I kind of feel like anything is better than just being in the dark. 

At the ER they ran a million blood tests, pumped me with fluids and a bunch of different medicines and then 5 hours later I was fine and they let me go. 
With instructions to see some mystery disease specialist in LA. 
Someones got to know what's wrong with me!
There's got to be a real life House doctor out there right?

Well whether the doctors know what's wrong with me or not, God does.
He knows what's going on.
He's in control of all things.
And He is so powerful and so so good.

Even today was a reminder of God's sovereign control and perfect timing.
I had been out all day at the kids dance and soccer classes and then to the mall with friends and I just happened to swing by my parents house after the mall to borrow some fans.
The episode started right when I got to my mom's house. 
Which also happened to be the exact time Aaron was on lunch for work.
We were able to leave the kids with my parents and run over to the ER together.
 I love how God is so gracious to give me reminders of his love and sovereignty during the times when I need it the most. 
I feel so at peace that He's got it all under control. 
His hands are a good place to be :)