Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Meet Zion

 Hi everyone!

This is Maddie (Sellars kid number 3) and today I’m guest writing on the blog to tell you some good news.

We finally got a black lab puppy!
His full name is Zion National Bark Sellars
but we usually call him "Zion" or "Zi" for short.
Zi was a big ball of black fluff when we brought him home
but he didn't stay small for long.
He loves to go on car rides with us
especially when the ride leads to a hike.
He loves eating every stick he can find.
(He so dark it's sometimes hard to see him in pictures. He's like a black ninja)
He spends most of his day sleeping,
(and sneaking onto the couch when we aren't looking)
getting dirty,
eating stuff he's not supposed to
and being cuddled.
He also loves to eat and play in the snow.
He even tries to sled with us.
Puppy training is hard but Zion is worth it.
He is a great pup.
He's lazy, fun, and cute.
After 2 tries we got the perfect dog (no offense Cali and Roxy).
He's my Zion who I love