Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I keep telling people that I am working on half a brain right now.
I'm not sure if it's true but I have heard that you lose brain cells every time you get pregnant.
All I have to say is 
that would explain a lot.
Add in sleep deprivation and 3 other kids to take care of and you have my current situation/brain problem.

So here a list of random things floating around my brain right now. 

1. I replaced my family rules sign with this beauty off Etsy. 
So much cleaner and prettier.
Bought from this shop (not sure if she is still selling them though)

2. We planted a garden (details to come). 
These pretties are some of our first fruits.

3. Read this blog post about Dating for Moms. So funny. So true. 

4. I just discovered that Chick-Fil-A has different sauces (where have I been?!) so of course I had try them.
 all of them.
Oh and I'm still obsessed with their cookies and cream milkshakes.
They are dangerous people. dangerous.

5. I finally printed some pictures of Hudson.
It's still weird to think that we have 4 kids sometimes.

6. We started reading the Narnia series with Mackenzie. Aaron is in heaven.

7. The kids and I made some of the banana "ice cream" I kept seeing on Pinterest.
Basically you just throw frozen bananas in a mixer with some vanilla and let it do it's thing. 
Not my favorite but Wesley loved it.

8. We were so excited to find out that this little tree in the corner of our backyard is a pomegranate tree! 
I can't wait to try our first pomegranate. 

9. Mackenzie is learning how to do a cartwheel.

10. We booked our annual trip to Yosemite!! I'm so so excited!!! And you better believe we will be trying these this year. 

11. Best candy bar ever.

12. I made these lemon brownies. Yay for actually making things off Pinterest. 

13. This is what my kids do about 80% of the day. 

14. I started the Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout DVD. Man I am seriously out of shape. 

15. Oh and this little guy is almost 7 weeks old.
How did that happen?

What's floating around your brain right now?


Laura said...

Peach milkshake is back at CFA. That does not encourage more healthful eating, I must say! And our pomegranate tree produces the most disgusting fruit ever. We didn't plant it, and it took us 16 years to figure out what in the world those things were (and you thought you were a little slow with the CFA sauces), but we must be doing something wrong with it. Here's to beautiful, yummy pomegranates at your house!

Chiara said...

I think I lost brain cells every time I got pregnant too. ;)
Only two kids, but I have my head in the clouds...

ciao ciao