Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Family Rules

I've been itching to make this project ever since I saw it here.
It only took me a year but I've finally done it!

Let me introduce you to the Sellars'
Family Rules.

To make a family rules sign of your own all you need to do is:
-cut out strips of scrapbook paper (I had to tape 2 pieces together since they weren't quite long enough)
-write a family rule on each one
-Stick it in a frame of your choice
and hang for all to see!

Oh and I spray painted the matting that was already in the frame to match my scrapbook paper.

What are some of your family rules?


Brandy@YDK said...

looks great.

erika said...

I wanted to this for sooo long..but I was thinking of it as being complicated...I was thinking of printing the writing on the scrap paper.. you made it sound so easy...I will definitely do it and post it.thanks!!

emma said...

This LOOK great!!

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