Wednesday, November 30, 2011

blue and white stripes

I think I have an addiction

to blue and white striped clothing.

Clearly I cannot say no to them.


The Miller Five said...

LOL! I have an addiction to black tops. I have WAY too many!

Hannah Rebekah said...

Navy Blue is my favorite color, and that is pretty much the only color of clothing that have too. So don't worry. :)

Michaela@Life With the Crazies said...

That's hilarious! My husband's side of the closet boasts about 19 gray t-shirts. Funny how we're drawn to our favorites!

Christi said...

I feel ya. I inherited an addition to stripes and blue clothes. I try to keep an eye out for patterned tops while shopping but I just love me some stripes!

Starry said...

I have the same addiction, so much so I saw a top that I already have in a slightly different stripe and really wanted to buy it... I'm seeking help about that xD

I love stripes!