Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Randoms

What a crazy week we had!
Here's a peek at it through the camera lens of my phone.

We went on a field trip to a farm with Mackenzie's preschool.

I went out on a date with this cute guy.
The first date we have had (alone) since Madelyn came along.
It was way over due!

We moved!
And were blessed with lots of strong friends who helped.

And another sweet family who brought us over dinner the night we moved.
Which was also a huge, huge blessing!

We unpacked lots and lots of boxes.

We had a bake sale at our church.
I drooled over these babies...

but ended up taking an 8 pound chocolate cake home :)

We went to the Harvest Festival at our church.
And then trick or treating around our neighborhood the following day for Halloween.

These two are buddies :)

I ate this for breakfast :)
When the kids weren't looking of course.

I started prepping for a boutique I have in 2 weeks!
And started making some new products.

I heart reading books before bed together.

Hiding God's Word in our hearts is good stuff.

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Erika said...

love Random Fridays!You have such a cute family!bless u!