Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pop-Up Shop

My friend Lindsay is a lady of many talents.
She's the one who just took our family pictures (that I'm dying to show you!),
she is a super talented graphic designer
and she just opened the coolest little Etsy shop called Pop-Up Shop
where she makes tons of fun gift tags.

Aren't they adorable?
(I think Lindsay should work as a professional gift wrapper as well. Don't you think?)

I most definitely need some of these.
How about you?

Pop on over to her blog today and enter this giveaway to win a set of these fun advent calendar gift tags.
(Hurray...giveaway ends tomorrow, Nov. 30th!)
Oh the possibilities!
Tie them onto bags stuffed with a little gift for each day of advent, use them as ornaments on a Christmas tree, a calendar, etc., etc....

And the best part is you can reuse them every year.