Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I Wore

What I Wore Wednesday
what would I do without you?
Probably still be in my pajamas, that's what.

Thanks for being my accountability and encouragement to get dressed each day.
My husband and kids thank you.

Here's a peek at my outfits this week.

top- my mom's from the 70's
skinny jeans- Levis
belt- Forever 21
necklace- vintage
shoes- Naturalizers

top- Banana Republic
jeans- Target

dress- Mamaways
jeggings- Forever 21
boots- Cathy Jean
cardigan- Target

What I Wore for our family pictures (which I can't wait to show you!)

sweater- Old Navy
jeans- Target
boots- Cathy Jean
necklace- Forever 21 (but I ended up switching necklaces before the shoot)

white tee- Banana Republic (they have the best after Christmas sale!)
wrap- Macy's
jeggings- Target
boots- Cathy Jean
necklace- Walmart

top- Banana Republic
cardigan- Macy's
jeans- Citizens of Humanity
flats- Macy's

tee- Old Navy
cardigan- Forever 21
jeans- Citizens of Humanity
shoes- vintage
necklace- Forever 21

top- Forever 21
nursing tank underneath- Target
jeans- Target
boots- Cathy Jean
necklace- vintage


g*rated said...

cute outfits! i like your style. love the stripe sweater!


Katrine said...

Love them all! Especially the pink sweater.

Katie {Party of Four} said...

go you for posting all those pics! I could not take pics of my self every day. I look bad most days!

Kathy said...

I actually loved every outfit but was distracted by the georgous dresser at the foot of the bed. It is so beautiful and I love where it is. Why havent I ever thought of that?

meinWeg said...

Since I follow your What I Wore- Thread I'm a good costumer from Forever21. For a short time we have the first Forever21 in Austria (Vienna). But the branches will grow.

You have a nice family. All the best!
Kay from Lower Austria

Hepburn Hilton said...

Your boots are very pretty! My favorite look is the first one :)