Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Randoms

What a week!
So much fun stuff has been filling our days lately.
Here's a peek at our week (and a bit from the week before) through the lens of my camera phone. 

Wesley is my little cuddle monkey.
He loves to be held.

I hate the baby food stage...thankfully it's almost over because my budget sure doesn't like it either!  

books before bed 

Mackenzie reading her Bible in the morning :)

My friend sold all of her kids old clothes that she had been saving to raise money for adoption. 
What a great idea! 

Mackenzie conquered the giant slide! 

My favoriet guilty pleasure...
Five Guys Burger and Fries Bacon cheese burger with everything on it. 

Getting a good pic of all 3 is almost impossible. 
At least one out of 3 are looking. 


We went up in the big balloon...again! 

And we got a personal tour at the fire station with some friends. 
So much fun!

Wesley's ouchie is still not better. 
It got really infected and has been quite the ordeal but is finally on the mend for good (I hope at least). 

After another tramtic visit to Kids doc to get his bandage changed we had to stop by Yogurtland. 
Ice cream makes everything better right?

My husband thinks I have a unique ability to make huge messes.
I think he's right. 
Thankfully he has the gifting of being really good at cleaning.
The Lord knew we needed each other :)

Mackenzie has become really into drawing lately. 
I love to see what comes out of her little mind. 

This little (not so little) one is standing and cruising and eating everything.

Hanging out at Mackenzie's swim lessons.

After swim the kids wanted to watch the CIF waterpolo game that was taking place right next store. 
Mackenzie was so into it and was totally cheering and clapping even though she had no clue what was going on. 

My friends little guy in the onesie I made him.
What a cutie!

Mackenzie said her Bible verse in front of all the moms at the Bible study group I go to. 

She loves the Ergo
So do I :)


He's crazy!

Hope you had a great week too!

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