Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Randoms

Just another week of our crazy, fun life!
Here are a few peeks at our week through the camera lens of my phone. 

We went to the Irvine Great Park for the first time. 
It was so much fun!

You can ride the carousel for free!
So we did. 
Like a million times.

And then we went up for a ride in the big orange balloon.

for free!
Now you know why I love this place so much!

It was so cool and beautiful and fun!
We will definitely be going back there again soon! 

I tried to give blood at our church for a blood drive
but was rejected.
Apparently my veins are too tiny or my arms are too tiny
at least for the giant needles they poke you with. 
I can't say I was super bummed.

We went to a super bowl party with lots of friends and yummy food.
And I don't think I watched more than 2 minutes of football which made it an extra good super bowl party.

I had to get poked with 40 different things for an allergy test
and found out that I'm allergic to horses and dust.
(I have been randomly breaking out in head to toe hives over the past couple of months for no apparent reason and they were trying to find out why, which they still haven't got to the bottom of)

My hubby wanted a Monopoly rematch.
and for his birthday present I let him win for once. 

I love getting packages in the mail.
Especially when they are filled with pretty fabric. 
Now I have some sewing to do :)

Marie baked my hubby a pecan pie for his birthday.
It's the only dessert he will touch. 

We got to go out for Sushi (just the two of us!) to celebrate my man's birthday! 
Oh how I love him!

I had to get blood taken (for more allergy tests) with all 3 kids.
It was an adventure to say the least.
And once I had finally survived the blood draw they told me I had to give a urine sample. 
I think I sat there for a couple minutes trying to figure out how I could hold Madelyn and pee in a cup at the same time before a stranger offered to hold her for me while I took the other 2 to do my business.
The joys of motherhood. 

This is how I found her when I went to pick her up from the nursery after Bible Study. 
I had to take a pic. 

Yes, she still loves baby jail. 

5 minutes before we had to be out the door for preschool this morning I remembered that today was her Valentine's day party so Mackenzie and I whipped up these quick little Valentines for her classmates. 

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