Monday, February 13, 2012


 My kids are total groupies.
This weekend we went to a Jana Alayra concert.
They thought it was the coolest thing ever. 

Especially because they both got to go up on the stage to sing a song with Jana.

And just when they though the night couldn't get any cooler 
we spotted their other favorite singer Rob Biagi at the concert with his kids.
(I promise Wesley was really excited to meet him even though he looks like he's giving Rob the stare down in this picture)

They also got some awesome face painting done. 

Wesley's got a major thing for sharks so he was so excited to be sporting one on his face. 
P.S. I think being a face painter at Disneyland or the fair or something would be the coolest job. 
Maybe when I'm older :)

We had a great time with our little family

and with our friends who came with us. 

Hope you guys had a great weekend as well!