Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Recap and What I Wore

Hey Guys!

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day! 

We sure did.
We started the day off right with some heart shaped pancakes and pink smoothies, I gave Wes his first ever at home hair cut (don't worry I watched a how to cut your toddler's hair You Tube video first), we went to the park, the kids helped me make chocolate covered strawberries, and we cooked Daddy a yummy Valentine's day dinner. 

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day with your favorite people too! 

And since it's Wednesday I thought I'd entertain you with a few of my outfit choices from the past couple of weeks (basically the few days that I actually remembered to take a picture...Whoops).
Most of the stuff is from the clothing exchange we recently had at our church. 
If you missed me talking about that, it was basically a day where a bunch of our friends cleaned out our closets and then brought the goods to our church where we all got to shop for free from each others old stuff. It was so much fun and we all came out with a ton of new (used) stuff! 

top- Forever 21(via clothing exchange at my church)
jeggings- Forver 21
boots- Cathy Jean

top- from clothing xchange
jeans- KUT (via clothing xchange)
shoes- Macy's
bracelets- Macy's 

sweatshirt- (my favorite new item...I wear it way too often) Old Navy via the clothing xchange 
leggings- Old Navy
boots- Emu

who's that crazy guy? :)

shirt- Banana Republic
cardigan- Forever 21 
jeans- Paige
shoes- Macy's

shirt- Old Navy
cardigan- Target
jeans- Paige
shoes- Macy's

dress- Mamaways
jeggings- Forever 21 
boots- Cathy Jean
bracelets- 31 bits

sweater- Express
jeans- Citizen of Humanity
shoes- Macy's
necklace- Nordstroms