Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Randoms

This week was a little crazy. 
Aaron was in Orlando all week so I did what I always do when he goes out of town...
packed up the kids and went to stay with my parents :) 
Anyways, now that we are both back home I'm finally getting back into the swing of things. 
Here's a peek at our week through the camera lens of my phone. 

Facetime is awesome.
Just another reason I love my iPhone. 

I'm so jealous the hubby got to eat here while he was in Florida.
They have the best pancakes. 

But we were spoiled with some beautiful weather while he way away. 

This little man was determined to conquer chopsticks. 

The hubby and I started a 14 week parenting class (that we have to take for Mackenzie's preschool). 
We should be pros by the time it's done. 

We started Madelyn's verse art. 

yup, she's cute. 

We took a dip in the spa. 

And tested out our new GLITTER watercolors (from Office Depot) that were a total hit. 
And pretty darn cool if you ask me. 

I have been letting Mackenzie stay up a little longer before she takes a nap to have some time to play by herself. 
I think it's her favorite time of the day. 
I'm aways blown away by her imagination.

We had a clothing swap at our church and scored a bunch of new clothes.

The kids helped my dad wok on Aaron's car. 

I hosted a little girl's night in while the hubby was out of town. 

Rob Biagi did a little concert at Mackenzie's school.
She was in heaven. 

My little man.

And we went to a friend's birthday party. 

How was your week?

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