Thursday, October 27, 2011

What I Wore

Yesterday I moved all of my clothes over to the new house
which made me realize...
I have clothes that I don't wear but should
and so many clothes that I wear but need to get rid of (because Forever 21 clothes we not made to last more than one season if you know what I mean).
Once we are officially moved I plan to clean out the ol' closet and take a fresh look at things.
Maybe even put together some more creative/daring outfits.
And work on a couple clothing recycles that I have had on the to do list for much too long.
Oh and switch to these awesome hangers.

In the meantime here are my outfits from the week.

top- gift from friend
skinnies- Target
boots- Cathy Jean

tee- Old Navy
jeans- Express
cardigan- Target
sandals- Target

top- Old Navy
jeans- Target
boots- Cathy Jean

shirt dress- Macy's
leggings- Forever 21
boots- Cathy Jean

tee- Old Navy
jeans- Levis
cardigan- Macy's
scarf- made by me :)
flats- Payless

top- Forever 21
jeans- Levis
necklace- vintage

1 comment:

emma said...

all your outfits are so pretty! I love your boots, the scarf you made it a beaut! but my fave part is the you took the pics in your kid's room and there's toys on the floor! THANK YOU for that!! :) seriously. thank you!