About Me

Hi! I'm Kristin Sellars (a.k.a. mommy to Mackenzie (6), Wesley (almost 5), Madelyn (3), Hudson (1) and wife to Aaron).
Here are some fun little things you may not know about me.

I have curly hair and am finally learning to embrace it.
I am not a morning person. or a night person. I love to sleep.
I'm an introvert.
I love all things pumpkin.
I am not a clean freak although I secretly wish I was.
I love jeggings and boots.
I heart camping.
I never outgrew my childhood love for pizza. I could still eat it everyday.
Designer shoes and purses do nothing for me. Designer fabric is another story.
I love playing board games and bunco. I'm secretly super competitive.
I have a slight obsession with cake pops. Eating them (not making them).
I think garage sales are fun.
I've been to more foreign countries (over 25) than American States.
I love fireplaces.
I graduated high school at 16 and was married by 19. I like to say I got a head start on life.
I love coffee with vanilla creamer and hot tea with milk and sugar.
I love the beach but I never go in the water.
I hate the cold (thus the reason I never go in the water at the beach).
I love being tall (I'm 5'9).
I love my hubby and my kids
and I love, love, love, love Jesus!