Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Little Fabric Dollhouse

I made this little fabric doll house for Mackenzie's friend Caliey Bea's first birthday. I love how it turned out and it was fairly easy to make (after I worked out a few kinks). Although I would love to claim that I designed it myself I really got it off of this tutorial. So go make one yourslef or if you are not the crafty type let me know and I can make you one :) (I think I'm going to sell a few). Enjoy!


LBBlum said...

I made some too! ADORABLE! Mine has a boy version too.. if you need some ideas!

UK lass in US said...

It turned out great!

I've been going through my inbox and found an unanswered message from you from last year - I'm so sorry. The dimensions for the bigger barn that I made are:
12" wide, 10" high, 8" deep. The front and back wall are 6" high. It looks like the roof panel is 5.5", but if you draw an end panel that is 10" high in the center, and draw a 45 degree line from there to the point 6" up the side, you should get a more exact measurement.

Sorry, I feel terrible for losing your message in the mess that is my inbox.

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