Friday, January 23, 2009

Mackenzie's Quilt

After lots of sewing, the first phase of Mackenzie's quilt is finally done! I wanted it to be really bright and fun with different textures and I think I accomplished that but don't look too closely or you will see some of the imperfections that are definitely there! Now I need to get some batting, do the actual quilting and then put the backing on. Sounds easy enough....right?

Any quilters out there have suggestions for quilting the middle of the quilt? I have found that because it is so large there is a lot of fabric that gets bunched up in the arm of the sewing machine making it really hard to sew it properly without bunching or pulling. Does that make sense?


Darcy said...

Hey Kristin,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Isn't it funny when they start saying "no"? Well until the novelty wears of at least...
Your daughter is beautiful. You have some great shots of her close-up. And congrats on your pregnancy.
Thanks again for stopping by.

Lauren said...

I love your quilts! Where do you find your fun fabric? I want some like that!

Teresa Halminton said...

What a stunning quilt! Thank you for sharing.
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