Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Snappie Sets

Our infant snappie clips have been so popular that we have added even more! These mini snap clips are the ultimate no-slip clip for babies! They stay great in little-to-no hair and add a dash of spice to your babies outfit. We have also added a new line of "Big girl" snappies for babies with more hair, toddlers and bigger girls. Visit our store to get some!
Wild Thing Snappie Set ($15)

Sunny Days Snappie Set ($15)

Spring Time Flowers Snappie Set ($12)

Pretty Posies "Big Girl" Snappie Set ($12)

Girly Girl Snappie Set ($15)

Flower Power Snappie Set ($12)

Flower Power "Big Girl" Snappie Set ($12)

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