Monday, August 17, 2009

Gilmore Girls

A few months ago my friend gave me season one.
Just to watch while Mackenzie was napping and I was crafting.
She warned me that I would be hooked.
She was right.
But it is worth it.

Me, Lorelai, and Rory have a special bond.
They make me laugh.
And cry.
If I lived in Stars Hallow, Connecticut we would be friends.

I just started season six.
One more season and our daily rendezvous will be over.
That will be a sad. sad. day.
But until then you can find me (almost daily) from 10:00-12:00, in our bonus room, with my favorite people :)


Sarah Bragg said...

Oh my! I LOVE the Gilmore Girls, too! I got hooked on them last year just before Sinclair was born. I record them on the Family Channel everyday and watch them at night.

Wendy said...

I too got hooked by a friend and I in turn hooked my mom onto the show as well.

Such a great show!

Sara said...

I watched Gilmore Girls from day 1 and was immediately hooked. I missed them terribly when the show ended, but the ending was wonderful. So glad you found them!

Sheyb said...

I LOVE Gilmore Girls too. :) I miss it. Haven't seen it since it went off the air. :(

Amy said...

Don't be too sad. Just start over. Thanks to ABC Family, I have watched the entire series at least 6 times. And I never get tired of it.

Kristie said...

My sister and I watched all of them when my son was a baby. There is no way that you can watch without being drawn in! And it is so sad when it's over, but then you can start them again. My husband makes fun, but we know how you feel!!! Good luck with the last season!!