Monday, June 28, 2010


We've been playing tourist for the past week
with my hubby's dad, step mom and step sister
who are visiting from Florida.
It's been a fun filled, busy week.
The week started off with a trip to Disneyland and an Angels game
and then over the weekend we went on a road trip adventure up the California coast.

Aaron's dad, step mom, stepsister, and Mackenzie

Disneyland was awesome as always.

Our crazy giant 2 and a half year old
is tall enough to go on just about every ride.
However this was the first time she's been on a non kiddy type ride.
We took her on one of my favorites
Soaring over California.
She screamed and cried pretty much the entire time
but loved every second of it.
That's all she talks about.

She must be getting older
because this was also the first time she has enjoyed seeing Mickey Mouse.
Normally she gets really excited to see him from a distance
but the second you ask her to get close to him
(or any other character for that matter)
she flips out.

Not this time.
She ran up to him,
gave him at least 5 hugs,
and loved every second of their time together.
She would have hung out with Mickey for hours
if there weren't a hundred other people waiting in line to meet him.

Wesley loved Disneyland too.

Especially the "Celebrate" parade.

We also got to go to our first Angel's game of the season with my inlaws.

Mackenzie has been asking to go to a baseball game ever since she saw a Dora the Explorer episode on it. I don't think she cared about the game at all but she did love all the yummy baseball park food!

Lastly as part of our tourist week we took a trip up the coast to San Luis Obispo.

Most of the drive is along the beach and is absolutely beautiful.

It was a pretty long drive but the kids did great.

Me and Aaron

Did you know "kelican" eat carrots?
At least they do in Mackenzie's world.

We spent the night in the cutest little town called Cambria

and then woke up early to take a tour of Hearst castle.

The castle was unbelievable.

It was crazy to me that someone would spend that much money to build a house
(if you can even call it that).
And then I found out that Hearst's castle was only 1 of 7 of William Heart's estates.
And it is the 4th largest.

But it was incredibly beautiful.
This is the main house.
Doesn't it look like a European cathedral?

After the castle we went to see the elephant seals
that come to the coast to mate and have their babies.

They were huge and awesome
and stinky.

Anyways...we had a great week.
Hope you did too!


jeneasp said...

Reading about your trip to SLO and the surrounding area makes me miss it! We went to school in SLO, so know the area, including Cambria, Morro Bay, Hearst Castle... So fun!

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