Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday!

Today my baby is 5 years old!

Mackenzie Grace,
I am so proud of the woman of God you are growing to be.
You love Jesus and you love telling others about Him.
You have such a sweet heart and a smart mind.
You love coloring, getting your finger nails painted and playing with your little dolls.
You are a girly girl and love to wear dresses and anything pink. 
You are nurturing, kind and compassionate and the best big sister ever!
You love to help and you like things to be just right (you definitely got that from your Daddy). 
You are a perfectionist, you love doing school work and you always want everyone around you to be happy.
You put a smile on our faces and joy in our hearts. 
You light up our life and we are so thankful to have you as our daughter!! 
I love you baby!
Happy 5th Birthday!
Now no more growing up :)  

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