Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pancakes and Pajamas Party

Mackenzie turned 6 (way back in the beginning of December...yikes where have I been) and I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures from her Pancakes and Pajamas party. 

It was such a fun and easy kid party. 
There were pajamas and pancakes. 
And fruit loop necklaces. 
And decorating pillowcases.
And funfetti cupcakes (obvs). 
The party was on Saturday morning. 
The kids all showed up in their favorite pjs and we ate and crafted and celebrated. 
We kept it simple with pancakes, fruit and OJ punch for breakfast. 

When the kids arrived we started on craft number one...Fruit loop necklaces.
The kids had fun stringing the Fruit loops into necklaces and enjoying some pre breakfast snacks. 

After breakfast the girls got to decorate their own pillowcase with fabric markers.
I wish I would have taken an after pic.
They all turned out so elaborate and cute! 

It was a great day celebrating our big 6 year old girl! 
It still feels weird typing that...six years old! 

How has your December/January/ February been??
Ours has been crazy busy but good. 
Hopefully I'll have an update soon. 
And by soon I mean in the next month.