Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy Monday

grocery shopping and laundry.
That's what our Mondays look like.
So exciting, right?
What do you do on Monday?

 This is how we do grocery shopping (Kenzie was at school and Hudson is on me in the Ergo).
I have a love/hate relationship with those kid carts! 
I usually start by letting Wesley use his own cart as long as he is showing me he can be self controlled (stay by me, be mindful of other people, don't put things in his cart without my permission, etc.).
Some days he does great and other days he loses privileges and has to ride in the back of the big cart with me. 

This is Maddie's favorite way to ride in the shopping cart. 

You are the main reason Mondays are my least favorite day of the week. 

I know everyone has their own way of doing laundry. 
I do ours once a week. 
The main reason is because I hate laundry so much I don't want to be doing it everyday. 
That just sounds like torture. 

And the second reason is when you only do 6 people's laundry once a week there is so much of it you are forced to put it away because it literally overtakes your whole house.
And the putting away part is the hardest.  
So it's good to have some incentive. 
Like if I want to sleep on my bed tonight I HAVE to put away the laundry. 

Some of my other laundry secrets-
I don't separate colors. 
I know. gasp.
And I hang all of the kids shirts. And the girls dresses. 
Everything else goes in drawers.
And Oxyclean is my BFF. 

And to spread a little joy this Monday we surprised a friend with a card and flowers. 

 And dark chocolate filled with Speculoos cookie spread.
Because we really love her.  
And when you love someone you give them that chocolate.
(please tell me you guys have tried it)

Hope you guys had a happy Monday!   


monika said...

Hi Krisitn,
yep, monday oh monday, it s my shopping day too.
as to laundry, its more or less daily stuff (i have to say cloth nappies are great for me as they make me to be on top of my laundry:-)
i love hanging fresh clean clothes on the clothsline on a nice day, but 'hate" sorting it out afterward... i m trying my best to get my kids motivatived to help with this part...with different success at different days:-)
and me, too, i do not separate colours.... in a cold wash espec. it never causes any probs:-) vive the laundry!

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