Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Together Box

 I love finding new (awesome) products and I love being able to share them with you guys. 
Last week we got to test out a Together Box.
You guys... it was so cool!
Together Box takes the hassle out of planning and preparing activities/experiments so you can get straight to the fun stuff.
And it fosters fun, family time.
Definitely a win win. 

Plus who doesn't love getting happy mail delivered to your door?
How about every month? 
Yes please. 

 "TogetherBox was created to make family together time easy. When you sign up, everything you need to have hours of family fun will land on your doorstep every month. You’ll spend less time researching, stressing and gathering supplies and more time spending quality time with your family."

Yes...all of that came in the box. 
You seriously get everything you need to do the activities (more than once), even stuff you probably already have at home.  

"Each box will come with 3-4 carefully crafted activities, experiments and games around a surprise theme. All activities are designed to appeal to a large age group so your whole family can enjoy their time together."
Genius! Who else is thinking...why didn't I think of that?!!
Our box happened to be the "Balloon box".

The kids had so much fun doing the different experiments and activities with the balloons. 
Every day they would beg me to "do something new out of the box."Our  first experiment was making balloon rockets. 

Then we split up into teams to see whose rocket was faster the boys or the girls.

The next day we made a balloon water fountain.

It was so cool to watch the water get pumped out of the bottle by the balloon.

We also drew on balloons that were blown up and then observed how the drawing changed once we deflated the balloons. 

I'm not going to lie, it totally made me feel like a home school mom. 
In the best possible way. 

And the kids thought it was so neat to see how their big drawings shrunk into teeny tiny ones. 

We had so much fun with our Together Box
I loved being able to craft and do fun things with the kids without having to think of an idea or look for the supplies to actually do it.
It was so easy. 
And most importantly fun. 

But don't just take my word for it.
Go check out Together Box for yourself. 
Buy one for your family and gift one to a friend. 
And then do the happy dance because Together box is generously giving Lu Bird Baby readers $10 off your first purchase with the coupon code "bird".


redquilthorse said...

This looks cool! I signed up and used your discount code. It will be fun to get our first box. Wish it shipped before the 15th, but maybe by then I will have forgotten about it, and when it comes in the mail it will be a pleasant surprise, right? :)

Kathy said...

Sounds great! If I had kids I would definitely try it out.

DMZ ASWAD said...

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Unknown said...

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