Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dating my boy

When Mackenzie was little we started dating our kids
Every few weeks (sometimes more, sometimes less) Aaron or I take one of the kids out on a Mommy or Daddy date. 
Just us and one kid. 
one. kid. 
It's so good to be able to have them all to myself. 
To hear everything they have to say, to go slow (or fast...oh the things you can do with only one kid), to soak them all up and enjoy every last bit of them.

This year Wesley and I have been spoiled because every Thursday we have 2 whole hours all by ourselves while Mackenzie is still in school and my mom has the littles at her Bible Study.
It has been so much fun to hang out with my biggest little man every week. 
Every Thursday he runs out of his class with a giddy smile to ask what I have planned for the day.

Usually we go out to lunch 

or I pack us a lunch and we go out for dessert. 

Sometimes we go on a bike ride to the park (or fav). 

I don't think Wesley stops talking the entire time. 
He has a lot of say and I love hearing all of it.

Sometimes we will run an errand together (you guys I forgot how easy it is to have one kid. Especially one who can walk, and buckle and unbuckle themselves and obey instructions...well most of the time). 
The one thing I have learned is that it does not matter what we do, he thinks it is the best day ever because we are together.
Just the two of us.
It's one of my favorite parts of the week too. 


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