Thursday, February 5, 2009

Frankenstein scar

Last night, per doctor's orders, we took off Mackenzie's bandage she has had since she got out of surgery. The removal of the bandage was a traumatic experience in itself (I think worse for Mackenzie than the surgery itself)! And once we took the bandage off we got to see the HUGE incision that was under it! When the neurosurgeon talked to us after the surgery I specifically asked him how big he had to make the incision and he said, "Oh, it's not bad at all. About this big (and he held up his fingers about an inch apart)." Well the incision is at least 2 inches long and looks so massive on her little baby head!! But the good news is that the incision was made behind her hair line so when her hair grows back it should cover it completely...hopefully! My poor little girl!

The good news is that Mackenzie doesn't seem to mind and is her happy self

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