Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mackenzie's Surgery

On Monday we headed to CHOC children's hospital at 7:00 a.m. for Mackenzie's surgery.
When we arrived we checked in, got Mackenzie all ready, answered lots of questions, talked to the pediatric neurosurgeon and just waited until her surgery at 9:00.
The hospital and nurses were so great! They kept Mackenzie busy and happy playing with toys and bubbles. Once 9:00 rolled around they took Mackenzie away for her surgery and Aaron and I went into the waiting room. After an hour, the surgery was over and the doctor came out to tell Aaron and I that everything went really! They were able to remove the cyst completely and Mackenzie did great!

Mackenzie got a little medical bracelet and me and Aaron got matching parent ones.

This was Mackenzie in recovery after her surgery. Aaron and I were both able to go in there for about 20 minutes and then Aaron had to leave and I stayed with Mackenzie until we left the recovery room. It took her about 20 minutes to wake up after the surgery. Once she was up she just wanted to be held but didn't cry or anything. She was very brave!

Once she tolerated keeping down liquids (which was really fast) and the nurses were sure she was stable we left recovery and went back to the short stay room we started in. She got looked over by more nurses and was finally given the okay to go home. Mackenzie was such a little trooper! She did so well and all the nurses kept saying she was the best baby and so happy. We are so thankful for her and thank God that she is happy and healthy!

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