Monday, June 22, 2009

Big Girl Bed

I can't believe my baby is growing up!

This weekend we set up Mackenzie's big girl bed. Mackenzie loves playing in, laying in it and pretending to sleep in it (however no actual sleeping has taken place in in yet). We still haven't decided when the big switch will happen (before Wesley comes or after) but even the thought of Mackenzie no longer being in a crib makes me sad. I'm not ready for her to grow up!


limabean+4 said...

From one baby to another and so they grow. I think every milestone they reach, we share elation and a tender spark of sadness. The big girl bed is beautiful.

Cori said...

It's so pretty!!!!

Karen said...

That is so strange - my daugher sucked her fingers like that too (she's now 7½). Never her thumb, just her two fingers.


Prairie Girl said...

I decided to scroll through your ideas for your daughter ( I have an 18 mo old) and lo and behold a Molly Monkey - this is next on my list of things to make her.

I think we have a few things in common here :)