Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Leaving a Legacy...

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were at a Q and A time at our church listening to and learning from an older couple who had been in ministry for years. The older man (who was leading the Q and A) had some health problems recently and was sharing with everyone that in light of his health scares he is not ready to die. The reason he said he wanted to stay on this earth longer was so that his grand kids would know him and most importantly know how much he loved the Lord. He wanted them to have a first hand knowledge of these things, not merely to have heard stories of them from others. He wants to leave a legacy for his family and especially his grand kids. A legacy that points to Jesus Christ and brings glory to God. One way he does this is by spending time with almost all of his grand kids each week. He knows them well and they know him. Then twice a month he sits down and writes in a book he has made for each of them. The book is filled with different things he sees them doing, character traits he sees in them, areas they can work on, special abilities he has noticed, etc.

When I heard about this I thought it was such an awesome idea! I want to remember exactly how Mackenzie is right now. I want to remember the funny things she does and says and how her little personality is already so friendly and outgoing and the ways the Lord is already working in her life. I want her her to know how much I adore her and how proud of her I already am. And I want to write them down for her to be able to look at later, to see from her very first year of life the beautiful woman God is shaping her to be.

What a great idea to write these things down (maybe just once every six months or once a year on their birthday) to be able to look at later.

Mackenzie as a baby

The time goes by so fast!