Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rainy day

Mackenzie loves her umbrella
any umbrella for that matter.
But she never gets to use it
because it never rains here.
Until this week.

Today Mackenzie thought it would be fun to take a stroll in the rain.

Wesley and I thought sitting inside our warm house was a better idea
but we bundled up and braved the weather for Mackenzie.

We made it about 4 houses down before the rain really started coming down.
So we decided to turn around and go back.

Soon after we got home it started to hail.
So cool.
Then as we were eating lunch a tornado warning flashed on TV.
Not cool.
We live in Southern California.
We don't have tornadoes.
Anyways, after I freaked out for a couple minutes
and strategized the best location to take shelter in case of an actual tornado
the warning was over.
No tornado.
Just rain.
Lots and lots of rain.
Apparently we are in the middle of a huge storm that is supposed to last all week.

I guess that means Mackenzie will get to use her umbrella some more :)


Königinnenreich said...
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Königinnenreich said...

No rain, practically never? How lucky you are! Now I see my husband's point of view who longs für moving to - California (which he already knows from lots of job travels).
All the best wishes from your so far silent but nevertheless very faithful and loving reader
Regina (from not so sunny Germany ;-)!

Anonymous said...

We lived in Fullerton when we first got married. Usually when they issue a tornado "warning" it means a tornado actually exists (not necessarily on the ground though)....a tornado "watch" means the conditions are right for tornados. So I checked Google news and sure enough, y'all had a tornado! That's pretty creepy for SoCal!

Jennifer said...

We are right there with you (Ventura)! The rain looks like fun from the inside. However, the kids aren't appreciating the thunder! We are keeping our fingers crossed that we don't loose power.

Good luck on entertaining yours this week.