Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall is coming

Fall is coming
and I'm excited.
Mainly because fall equals lots of yummy pumpkin goodies
{in my mind at least}.
And I love pumpkin. it.

Recently I tried this deliciousness.

They are out of this world good.
Mackenzie wakes up in the morning, walks into my room and begs me to make them.

If you haven't tried it
run to the store now and get yourself a box.

You won't regret it.
In fact I'm pretty sure you will be hooked to.

What's your favorite part of fall?


Anonymous said...

Boo! There isn't a Trader Joe's around here. I may have to look for a copycat recipe. I love fact, I've been known to eat pumpkin pie for breakfast anytime it's in the house!

Alison said...

Those pumpkin pancakes look sooo good. I love anything pumpkin also. :) My favorite parts of fall are using the beautiful colors of autumn for crafting and the cooler weather.

Teresa said...

There are SO many things about fall I love. The smells...the crispness...the sound of football whistles on TV...the deep blue skies without a cloud in sight....the smell of chimneys. Oh I could go on and on!

Candace said...

Oooh I LOVE fall! I've had those TJ pancakes too... delish! I love the leaves changing colors (back home at least)... the smell of pumpkin and pecan pies baking, all the spooky decor... I could go on and on!

Brandy@YDK said...

so we don't have a trader joes. And I LOVE all things pumpkin. I need to make some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

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