Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hidden Message Paintings

The other day I was watching my friend's kids for the afternoon.
A few minutes before the kids were to come over I realized
I hadn't even thought of a craft to do!
Things always go easier when there is a craft.
I wanted something easy but fun.
Something the girls could do mostly on their own.

So I went online to a blog I knew had fun projects for kids.
When I came across this idea I knew it would be perfect.
Chrissie calls it watercolor crayon resist but I call them
Hidden Message Paintings!

All you do is draw a "hidden" message or picture on a piece of white paper with white crayon.

Then let your kids discover the "hidden" picture by painting the paper with water colors.

It was so fun for the girls to discover their special pictures.
They l.o.v.e.d. it.

They kept asking me to make more
and more
and more.

Always the true sign of a good project.

And the best part
the girls thought it was the coolest trick ever.
I would always go in the other room to make the "hidden" message so the girls never figured out how it worked.
They thought it was such a fun secret.